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    Feel so awful since yesterday. Had pains everywhere and shivers all night in bed; my pillow was soaked when I woke up this morning. Horrible pains all over, sore throat, headache, sweating and cold at same time and feel utterly miserable.

    Paracetemol, hot lemon drinks and lying on sofa is my plan for today. Have no energy for anything at all.

    Really don’t like this….


    Try and some rest if possible, hope you feel better soon.


    its a terrible dose, mind yourself and get plenty of tlc… hot whiskey is a great one, have one in bed and boy will you sweat it out of ya.


    oh hope you’re feeling better soon
    My sister just over it
    and my poor E2 not well at the minute either


    Hi Sabbi,
    How are you feeling today?



    Yikes Sabbi..sounds like you had gotten a bit run down..i have seen those late night tweets when baba isn’t sleeping!

    Once you get run down the flu and bugs find it easy to attack you .xx

    Hope you are geting looked after and not having to soldier on.


    Full physical breakdown occured on Monday….literally could not function. headache was so bad, had all curtains pulled over in the house.

    was having awful pain in head and stiff neck, along with aches & pains everywhere and a temp of 38.9 so my GP ordered me to A&E to get bloods checked as he said it sounded suspiciously not like the flu.

    Went to A&E, feeling foolish and worrying I was wasting their time but also a little worried at not being able to tolerate any lights at all

    They did some tests and well, turns out I did not actually have the flu at all. Even though I was hot & cold, shivery & feverish with sore head, ears & throat, there was no evidence of a flu virus as my white blood cell count was normal.

    With the high temp. blinding headache and stiff neck, the docs at A&E suspected meningitis I was terrified and worried sick and had t go through some awful procedures to rule it out and we had to be thorough because I am feeding Summer and if I had that, I could have passed it to her

    Terribly scary few days in hosp with CT scan, chest x-ray, lumbar puncture (so awful) and MRI scan but thankfully most of them came back clear and ruled out meningitis.

    So its just a particularly nasty virus that cut my immune system to smithereens and left me lifeless with cold sweats and pain all over.

    Home this evening and off to bed for lots of sleep….on mend now I hope. So tired from it all, really plan to rest for a while until I feel better.


    OMG sounds like you have been through the mill. Get lots of rest and hope you feel better soon.


    Poor you
    Look after yourself



    Take care Sabbi – mind yourself and rest as best you can


    Sabbi you poor thing,sounds like you are having a really tough time of it,i hope you manage to fight it off now.maybe when you are feeling a bit better you should get a tonic from chemist to help build back up your immune system.

    I hope family & friends are taking good care of you


    i dont remember writing that post yesterday…..was on so many drugs & antibiotics, hard to believe I was in any way coherent.

    still rough today butdefinitely on mend…thank goodness, that was a horrible bug.

    am hoping next week will be better all round!!

    Thanks for all the well wishes, its like mini-hugs!! 😉


    How are you feeling now Sabbi?….hope you are well on the mend


    Much better today, still feel weak, have hardly any energy and look ‘like death warmed up’ according to my mother but definitely on mend. Have no plans to do anything for next few days other than stay in pajamas and recuperate.

    On loads of mad drugs so not able to go anywhere at moment while I’m drugged up to my eyeballs!! Can just about find my way in and out of the kitchen at the moment, I am a mess!!

    My poor husband, he has seen me in some state over the past two weeks and he was nice enough to give me a kiss yesterday and his reward was touching his lips to my clammy, sweaty forehead – god love him, it nearly made him gag! Sometimes I feel sorry for him being married to me. 😳

    I better get myself into some sort of decent state for our 10 year wedding anniversary later this year so he can be reminded why he married me in the first place!! 😉


    Jeez Sabbi don’t know how I missed this post..hope you are ok…

    Just posted on your bf post…


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