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    Ms. Michael

    Hi there i have my friends 10 year old coming to stay, any ideas how to entertain. He’s normally stuck into a Nintendo DS but i have a toddler so that won’t be happening.I know about the farm, and the dinosaurs in bettystown anything else. What do 10year olds do. Even as far as Carlingford but somewhere where i can bring the baby too. Thanks


    Have a good look through the local events and family fun sections, lots of ideas there, but here is a few

    New Funtasia off Donore RD- Bowling and amusements for him
    Swimmming or Bowling at Drogheda Leisure Park Rathmullan
    New Oldbridge Visitor centre?
    Stephenstown Pond
    Ice Cream and beach in Blackrock
    Museum in Dundalk
    Clogherhaed Beach / Pier to see Seals
    Townley Manor walk
    Mellifont Abbey good for exploring

    Back garden!!!


    Simply to add to HMM’s great list!

    Have a look at FAMILY FUN on the website …


    Museum in Dundalk????? What one is this, please explain.

    I will highly recommed townely Hall woods, we went into the woods on the left (normal foot path is to the right) there was two toddlers and a little fella about 8 or 9 and he LOVED it….. all he wanted to do was run about

    Ardgillian play ground is fab and a ten year old will think he is in Heaven, have even seen 18 year olds playing there 😆 😆 😆 😆


    rathescar lake is good too and free 😆 😆


    You could bring the 10 year old to Ardgillian play ground. Very large playground overlooking the sea. There is also a castle and grounds to look at and coffee shop.


    Newbridge house in Donabate is great, lots of animals and park and ice cream too. You can bring bread to feed the goats.

    Artworks cafe in Portmarnock is brill too. Perfact for 10 year old and toddler. You simply pay for an item, like a plate or cup or garden ornament and then you paint and decoarate it. You only pay for the item so its usually 12, 14 or 20 euro and you can paint for hours. Its all washable so you can let the toddler go mad with paint. They even give tiles for the toddler to scribble all over whilst the bigger child is busy decorating. Money well spent!

    Cinema is another option – they do kids clubs at weekends but depends on how old your toddler is.

    Good luck and enjoy!!


    Taylor I think the museum in Ddundalk is the county museum and as far as I know it is supposed to be rather good, I have seen it , its very close to the town centre………

    Ardgillan yes how could I forget, he will have never have seen a playground so good, Newbridge too!! Gosh we are lucky to have such great places!!


    great lists!

    Just to add….

    Hill of Slane – you can still climb the staircases in the castles and the kids love running around looking at the old fireplaces and gargoyles – great for picnic

    Millifont Abbey – again…great for running around with all ages – ours love playing hide and seek here and climbing around

    you could also put him into the Fit Kidz class – think its thurs evening in Laytown Hall – its pay as you go and its urban dancing…lots of the young lads like it


    fit kidz is on in mell too on fridays 5-6 pm it costs 6 euro, my dd has been going for ages to the young kids class 4-5 pm.

    Slane castle yes fab!!


    Jene the HIll of Slane sounds great, ds loves peppa pig and she visits windy castle, so he would love to be able to climb about a castle



    Its amazing..we love going there. The castle isn’t fully intact (it isn’t actually a castle either..think a monastary! 😆 ) but it looks like a castle to kids. The outer walls and doorways and some windows are still in it, as are fireplaces and a few cool gargoyles – there is a really cool one of a dragon!- and then one of the upper floors is still intact with the staircases. Its a bit precarious – so good shoes and help from mum or dad is essential for little uns – but its a FAB day out! There is an old church there too. There is also some legend about it being where St Patrick lit the fire….

    Just take the slane road and turn right at the main Slane village junction…there is a sign for slane hill at the top of the hill on the left – go all the way to the top of the road and there is a wee carpark. Its very easy to get to

    There is so much great historical sites around here….

    Newgrange is great too… the kids love going in the tomb

    Another great trip to kill a few hours is Dowth – its a tomb like Newgrange but it hasn’t been excavated yet – the kids can climb around on it and there are some old carved stones on the back side that are really visible. The kids love that also… especially as its in a farm field so they play with the sheep! Bewared…wear wellies…. where there are sheep there is plenty of sheep mess! 😆

    Ours also love Monasterboise – the high crosses are amazing and they love the tower

    Ms. Michael

    Well thanks a million for all the ideas i wrote them down and we did a lottery thing. We ended up on the beach for one half of the day which was brill cos he was able to go swimming etc. Then we did the dinosaur exhibition in Funtasia. Not worth the €8 but only because it could have been much bigger. All the dinosaurs were brilliant but were literally on top of each other. then he did a few of the slot machines etc in Funtasia. Back home for food and then we went and played Crazy Golf in the Drogheda Funtasia. Next day we went to Townley Manor had a babysitter for a couple of hours, also up to Ardgillan and we also did Melifont Abbey. A great few days had by all. Thanks again.


    That sounds like a very busy few days, but fun had by all. You were blessed with the weather.
    I find the best days are the ones for free, you can go on a forest walk have a picnic, play ball, throw stones in a river what ever……
    We didnt have funtasia or the likes in our day and we had wonderfull summer days full of climbing and exploring the wilderness (well the local park really) 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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