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    hi girls hate to put the begeebees up you but a friend of mine who’s mom works in temple street told her about a 3yr old child that died in a car accident recently, i cried when heard this the thought of it it’s so easily could happen, anyway the child was sitting on a boaster seat with seatbelt fastened, however you know the way the kids take the arm out on the belt as it grabs at their neck, please fit seatbelt adjusters or even soft rests on the belt, the child took his arm out so only had belt across his lap, the mother was driving and they where hit by another car, the child died snapped neck he would’ve survived if he had had his seatbelt on properly…..please just check that your child has it’s seatbelt on correctly when travelling in the car and that car seat straps are tight you should only be able to fit hand between child chest and the straps not loose fitting…..anyway just thought should post as many kids do this arm pulling out thing and so important to have them belted in…


    jesus that is offal i always make sure my dd has her seat belt on fully even if we are in a taxi i scare her saying that the gaurds will take daddy or the taxi man and me if she dosnt put it on properly

    god love the family of that child poor thing


    Thanks for that Scole, yes it is very true if the seat isnt fitted or being properly used it is as good as useless in an accident .

    My dd just got a new graco stage 3 seat which is a booster type that works with the seat belt great seat but she is always trying to slide down in it….. 😯 it is a vicious circle as the more it gets my attention the more she does it, i find I just say I thought you were a big girl I am gonna have to get your baby seat back… that seems to work however you cant be too carefull.

    What a terribly sad story by the way Scole 🙁 [/code]


    My ds is only 2 and he is in a stage 3 booster seat that just uses the car seatbelt, his old seat a M&P one up to four, was far too small for him at about 1.5 years, we had to take the harness off and use the belt only as the harness was way too tight.
    We checked tonnes of seat and they are all very small, harness wise. I know my ds is on the big side but his isnt huge by any means.
    Car seat companies wake up and make bigger seats


    This has frightened the life out of me as my little man (18 months) is constantly taking his arm out of the seat and its so hard to get him to keep them in as he doesn’t understand.

    ANy solutions? I have tried tightening them. Have a brittax car seat and was happy with it but this has just scared me. Any better car seats.


    Our booster seat (a Graco one) has an extra strap that you can hook onto the seat belt and it pulls the belt to a more comfy level. I am not sure how good it is as we never never used it.

    For kids in seats which have their own belts, you can get clasps that clip across the childs chest. They loop onto each shoulder strap and clip together. Hhhmmm, I am not explaining this very well. I guess my point is that you can get various add-ons to help. The shop you got the seat from (or any other good outlet) should be able to help. (Thank heavens it’s Friday, think I could do with a break!)



    Thanks a million


    I know myself D used to be a fecker in the car seat and sometimes would be so busy spinning round to sort her I could have had an accident

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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