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    super minder

    i seen add in paper at weekend and it said no offer refused. so i saw a dryer for 249 and i offered 225 . not that much off but thought i would try it. hes the catch the warehouse was closed and i counldnt get it as it was bank hoilday monday.
    i thought this was very unfair and voices this to sales guy.

    i was working and couldnt get back into the store so i got in yesterday 5.30 and the same bloody dryer had gone up to 279 and no free delivary.

    moneys tight and i was mad as hell. i matched up to sales guy and told him i wasnt happy and how i felt i was been robbie as a consumer .

    so i got it for the 225 and free delivary on friday now im happy. so go bargain them down it worked for me.


    find they are a rip off, you’re better off with powercity the always haggle down…and quick with delivery too……also check on line before going to the shop so you know what shop and on line price is so see can they do better…..

    harvey normans always dearer than anywhere else…..hope new dryer will be ok for ya though….


    some one said that asda are coming to where harvey morons are in dundalk 😆 😆

    super minder

    powercity have issuses on returns and i had a cooker from them only lasted two years.

    and last year i speed a year on and off with repair man for my washing machine.
    belive me powercity could give me the bloody dryer free and i wont take it.

    but thanks anyway pet.


    Sorry Im a bit of a snob when it comes to electrical goods and would buy ANYTHING from powercity as they are shit when it comes to support or any kind of problems.
    You cant beat Briscoes or D.I D, great bargain in Harveys…… need new mattress, we have this one worn out (only joking) 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Ah no its 9 years old and not as supportive as before, might go to harveys and see what they will do


    my dh works for harvey norman in their bedding section and he’s worked for them from day one & has had a variety of jobs with them but now he’s moved from the swords shop to become the prop of their dundalk branch & i know from buying my own stuff (everything in my house is from harveys!) that there is not much of a discount on electrical items because of margins…which leaves v little room for manoevre. they only have limited time on their offers. however, the bedding & furniture is a bit more flexible….
    dh is very flexible on discounts – so if anyone needs a hand with anything let me know & i’ll pm you his details & he can look after you if you’re ever in the dundalk shop….. he deals mainly with bedding that’s his area, but he’s very good with furniture also. he will also pass you onto someone good to look after you if he’s not able to.
    i know i’m biased but his level of customer care comes highly recommended… i’m v straight & if i didn’t think he was capable of looking after people i wouldn’t recommend him…



    thats a great deal superminder. and well done harveys on using their heads and keeping a customer for the sake of 50 euro.

    you’ll pay higher but harveys afterservice is brilliant. we bought all our white goods from them with extended warranties and over the last few years had usual dishwasher/gunk issues and machine (little disappearing sock problems!) and they’ve been out annd sorted within a reasonable period with no haggling or ‘show me your warrenty ‘ questions.

    id rather pay for this kind of service and know im not going to be left with a flooded kitchen and backed up laundry.

    super minder

    and the driver just rang me and asked would around 2.30 suit me for delivery . im not used to this wonderful service.

    keep it up xxxxx

    super minder

    washing in the dryer
    driver even offered to take old one away . told him i never had a dryer before . he laught and said i must have a hard life. xxxxx


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