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    Was in Harpers on the Quay today bout 11ish with my 2 kids. Got baby a highchair, had a small bite to eat & coffee. (All lovely by the way) Baby needed changing so went to bathrooms & no changing unit?!?! Asked the staff where it was & said we don’t have one. Is this not very unusual? Ended up changing her on my knee while sitting on the toilet. Made a point of it again when paying why was there not a changing unit if they’re suppling highchairs? The staff member was very nice & apologised but when questioned if they were planning on installing one she had no idea so my guess is NO!
    To me this is very off putting & will make me very reluctant to go there again with or without my children. It’s an awful pity because the place is beautiful, staff helpful & what we had was nice. Are they trying to discourage anyone with children from going in?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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