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    I thought this would be fun ..
    How did you meet your partner?

    He asked me if a friend of mine was interested in him or not. I said "NO!", but "I AM!"
    Men! Can be so thick!


    No he did, I had a crush on his brother….. but then I went to specsavers. I just happened to be at a party the both dh and his brother were at, his brother was a muppet and I liked dh the rest as they say is history


    well my dh have know eachother since kids, i used to play in the farmer fields with him, and the other boys AND girls on the road, we’d be dodging the shotgun from the farmer running through his corn field which is now the M50 but was great fun, we were boyfriend and girlfriend for like a day or so never kissed my god that’s nuts…..but then later on when i’d be getting the bus from primary school he’d get the bus from my bus stop even if his bus stop was before mine and he’d have to stand, but we got the bus…..then later on fast forward a few years later, we worked together in a shop i was his boss i used to love hearing what him and his friends got uo tp on the sat night so i used to roster him for the 7.30am slot on a sunday (i’m sure he wasn’t too happy with that but he never complained)……after a while later we met up in a nightclub i asked him for a kiss and he kissed me on the cheek…..then we started dating and low and behold 17 1/2 years on after first meeting at the age 9/10 we’re married and have a son……

    and the shop we worked in was a centra then a spar….so as you can guess the ending of our bestman’s speach was "So it’s true you really can find all you need under the tree at SPAR" 😆 😆 😆



    I cann’t remember where we first meet, ( we were all involved in a voluntary organisation – part of the group) neither of us remember meeting for the first time.. it was love…

    i do know that i got an invitation to a wedding and i asked him along thats is about 14years ago.

    He did propose to me, we are 11 yrs married this September.

    😆 😆 😆


    he was friends with my best friends husband and i first met him at her 21st
    he actually talked to me, he was the only guy i didn’t scare off 😆
    he asked me out later that night (he asked my friends mam for permission to ask me out)…..i gave him my number and the next day he rang and the rest just happened…6 1/2 yrs later we are still together and have 3 wonderful children 🙂


    Scole love that story… you miss the bit with the gun to your head 🙄 😆 😆 😆

    Joey at a quick look I thought that read "he was my best friends husband" 😳 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Sorry


    LOL 😆


    I was think, wow you have to look out for the quiet ones 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    😆 😆 😆 …i don’t think my friend would of been too happy if it was her husband…….he was married befor but not to any of my friends 😆


    joey_rudd -I also misread as friends husband!:lol: 😆

    Well, dh and I studied together (he flunked out after 1st year and blames me to this day – says I distracted him!) and went on to study something else. We were really good friends and I had a serious boyfriend back then. We lost contact and about 5 years later he looked my parents up and called them looking for me. They gave him my number in London and when he got there (he was going anyway – he’s not a stalker 😆 😆 ) he gave me a call and came to my work one Fri.

    That Sun we bumped into each other at a music festival and have been together ever since. His mom reckons she knew from the time we studied together that we’d end up together. So he defiantly did the running but I’m glad he did!


    my dh is from liverpool & me a dub, meet on hols in spain myself & the girl i went with were having a sing song with some scottish lads we met, i was singing "the Wild Rover" when dh joined in, they joined our table and 8years later, he’s moved to dublin, we bought house in duleek, got married and have a dd
    and who says holiday romances don’t last! (shouldn’t really say that, might jinx myself!) 😆 😆


    I used to work with my now DH, always thought he was cute, anyway a couple of us went out after work and ended up in Kiss (Boyne Valley disco!) and we were messing around and we ended up kissing… now we were both with other people at the time 😳 , but the next day we had a chat and decided that we wanted more, so we broke up with our respective others in the following days and we went on out ‘first date’ a week later… we are together 10 years, married nearly 6 and have a beautiful 3.5 year old DD.


    Thats a lovely story Scole!


    aw all your stories are lovely!!!! hope for me yet 🙂

    i met all my old b/f’s (3) in Kiss, aw they were the good old days i tell ya 🙂


    like scole i also have known my dh since we were kids. we grew up on the same street. we also were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were younger but never kissed. we broke up but remained friends. anyway years went by and at my friends 21st i asked him out to dance and it went from that. that was 15 years ago. we got engaged on 01st mar 12 years ago and it was also a leap year. we had been out the night before and he waited on me to pop the question as it was 29th feb. the next night he arrived up to me, was messing with the ring i always wore on my wedding finger. he put it into the pocket on his shirt. i went mad shouting that i wanted my ring back and when he took the ring out of his pocket it was a beautiful solitaire. i had absolutely no idea he was going to do this. we were watching coronation street at the time 🙄
    anyway we got moved into our house the year later and the year after that got married and the following year had our first boy. married 10 years this year.

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