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    Thanks to all our 11,400+ members on Mumstown.ie

    To the mums, dads, grandparents, parents-to-be and everyone else who logs on – you make the site what it is and we thank you for being part of our website and events and we look forward to a great year ahead.

    Best wishes to you all for 2012!


    Happy new year!!! 😀


    We had a lovely night, we let the kids stay up for the first time and had a little discowith them in the living room. We were all in pajamas bopping around the room and they were so excited when the fireworks started and they were delighted to run out and wish our neighbours a happy new year.

    Our baby girl, who we put to bed earlier had other ideas though and she woke at 11.55am and refused to go back asleep for her Daddy, so I was upstairs feeding her on the stroke of 12 – little muncher!!!

    As I was sitting in the feeding chair with her, I must admit, I was not bothered about missing the festivities downstairs, or missing out on glasses of champers, I was perfectly happy rocking there with my little baby. She has brought us so much joy and we are delighted with her – even if we are very sleep deprived!!!

    Hope you all had a good one and not too many sore heads today. One major advantage of breastfeeding – no hangovers!! 😆 😆

    Have a great New Year everyone, I hope all your wishes & dreams come true. xx


    Happy new year to all. May it bring health and happiness to all.
    How many of the 11400+ members will post back?
    Any guesses?



    Happy new year 🙂


    Ours was a very quiet New Year…. just hubby and I, while the kids were fast asleep upstairs….
    And today, just a relaxing day….. topped off by curling up, all four of us on the couch in front of the fire watching and singing along to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"! Ah,, good times…..

    Happy New Year Everyone!…. Let it be a wonderful one for us all! 🙂


    We had a lovely quiet new Years eve….
    Went out for a meal with children and neighbours…
    Back to neighbours and listened to music and chatted. Children played…
    Welcomed in the New Year… Cheered the old and cheered the new

    Best Wishes to everyone for 2012……


    lets hope 2012 is a good one and hope to see lots of you tomorrow to kick off the first Mumstown event of 2012!! 😀


    Happy New year Everyone.

    2011 was a funny old year, it certainly had some highs but also had lows & was downright depressing at times (recession, sickness etc).

    I for one am a little scared of what 2012 will bring but heres hoping that it brings us all health (of course) & loads of fun and laughter (it makes it all better).

    My years resolution is too try to spend less time worrying & more time enjoying myself.


    Happy New Year everyone!

    While we don’t possess magic wands, we can certainly all make a difference in how 2012 shapes up. Instead of letting the negatives get us down, it’s more important than ever to rise to the challenge and get positive about what you can do to get over each hurdle. It won’t always be easy, it won’t always work out how you want it but at least when we get to the end of it, you can say that you did your best and don’t have regrets about things you didn’t do! 😉


    Happy New Year Everyone…

    Whilst I welcome in a New Year with sadness as this year should have been a really happy one, I am determined to make this year a good one.

    Whilst we have suffered a huge loss, we are in a better position than lots of people in this world and blessed with what we do have.

    I plan to hold ever closer to what is dear to me and to enjoy every moment.


    Happy New Year to one and all xoxox

    We had a party in my sils and let the girls stay up – they got Strictly come dancing dresses from their aunty and along with their cousin wore them on the night 🙄
    Totally chilled on New Years day and now it’s back to work.
    Going to make a list of some of the things i’d like to do this year and revise in Dec and hope i do well!

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