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    Just want to wish you all a happy mothers day, hope you all get spoiled rotten tomorrow :)

    I got my pressie today, got sent off for a mothers day pampering session, got a back massage, facial, indian head massage, foot massage and toe paint and it was BLISS totally enjoyed it, my DH got it right this year :D

    Hoping i’ll get a nice lie on tomorrow!

    Enjoy your day mammies :lol:


    Oh Trixie that sounds fab!! I got a handbag from my two lads..not as relaxing but lovely all the same! Am cooking a big dinner tomorrow for my mam and DH’s mam…think I forgot that I was off duty!! 🙄 Anyway Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!


    Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!!


    Happy Mothers Day – Enjoy your Day…

    Got Lovely Pressies, Breakfast in Bed…


    Happy Mothers day .hope yous all get treated extra specail today 😀


    happy mother’s day to all…..


    happy mother’s day to you all!!!! hope you’re all having a lovely day… dh had to work so no day off for me 🙁 its my mum’s birthday on tues so she had a party in the house today, it was so nice! 😀


    Hope you all had lovely mothers day
    I had lvoely brekkie in bed and chill out day
    oh and took E to visit my mum – didn’t tell her we were coming – she was chuffed!


    hope ye all had a good day. j came home at 11 sun morning, so had a bit of a lie on, got a teddy (which he named lisa 🙂 ) and chocs.

    Then went for dinner in nano reids, played pool, went the playground and then smyths, some mothers day eh should of been named j’s day hahahaha.

    oh also went to give my mam her pressie as she was working i brought it to the hospital for her and she was chuffed, rest of staff were going aww isnt that so nice 🙂


    ah thats lovely!yummy pity i wasnt working! i was in on saturday.i got brekkie in bed.a lovely pic frame and mug and nice chill out day.


    Hope everyone had a nice day 😀

    i got lovely cards and pressies presented to me in bed, J ripped them all open taught it was his birthday or something!! went out for a bit of shopping as was meant to go for a meal with the inlaws, wasnt really looking forward to it.. think B sensed it cuz he insisted i stay home and put my feet up – which i did and totally enjoyed felt even better when they came home and said it was horrible!!
    B had J with him and had him sitting at the table and all his family kept calling J and then when he was running over to them they’d shout at B to not let him run!!! 😡 lucky i wasnt there!! 👿 😆

    anyway went to see my mam then with my sister and got some lovely pressies off her as she was in newry 😀 Delighted with myself.. although last night i couldnt sleep at all, im so not used to sitting around doing nothin!!


    Sounds like we all got a bit spoiled!

    I got breakfast in bed, chocs and a bath set, all lovely! Brough to Bru for lunch too. Went to my Mam’s with her present and then myself and herself went for a few drinks, she was half cut when we got home! 😆

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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