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    Almost a year ago my Brother and Sister in law and our family went through a very difficult time when their unborn child was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder, the baby was carried to full term with both parents fully aware that their gorgeous little boy would not survive after birth.

    Little baby boy was born two week late and didn’t, as expected survive outside of the womb. Much sadness of course followed for every one as funerals etc were filling everyone’s days instead of the sound of a babies tears and laughter.

    They both dealt with their situation throughout both the pregnancy, the birth and the passing in the most awe inspiring and dignified way.

    I was thrilled to be told the news on Sunday that I will be an Auntie again very soon and I am so delighted and happy for them both and for our family.

    I generally wouldn’t post such personal feelings and events however I thought it may offer couples coping with a loss a little hope for the future that it is possible to feel happiness and hope for the future.

    Their first born will never be forgotten but they now have the chance to share their love again.



    It must have been such a tough time for your brother, sister in law and all the family. To lose a child is such a heart breaking experience.

    May they have a happy and healthy pregnancy.


    That’s so sad but uplifting too, its lovely the way you speak about them, they sound like a very dignified couple – who are due some much deserved happiness.

    A baby is such a joy, for them and the whole family. Its great to know someone who had been so sad is getting some happiness.


    beautiful news, very similar to my experience and i know as much as i never forgot my dd1 our little rainbow baby makes us cherish the memories and appreciate every second we have with our daughter now xx best of luck to you all xx


    Very sorry for you brothers loss, i couldnt imagine what they went through. Its lovely too hear good news like that, its good for the soul and as you say can give hope to others trying to cope with a loss


    so sorry for their loss but good to hear they have had some good news. Wishing them a happy and healthy pregnancy.


    Thats great news for them HMM, delighted for them… it was a tough time for you all I’m sure.


    thanks everyone for the wishes!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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