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    We have had a few things break here lately. I cracked 2 of the kitchen tiles by dropping a heavy pot on them, another tile came loose in the bathroom for some reason and then the door fell off the dishwasher!

    We are ok at fixing certain things but would not be able to replace tiles or that kind of thing and I had asked a tiler about fixing the tiles and he told me he would have to take up a few around the cracked ones and to replace them with new ones and that it was a ‘big enough job’. (In other words, it will cost alot!!)

    I was chatting with Del, who does our windows and gutters and he mentioned he does floor fittings and repairs too and he said he could fix the tiles without much fuss.

    So this ‘Big enough job’ the tiler talked about was actually only a small job in the end and Del did it quickly and without making a mess. (he also fixed the dishwasher because he is such a nice guy!)

    For handyman work he does a good job, is fast, clean and does not rip you off! Definitely recommend.

    delmagee2244@gmail.com and phone: 085 231 2114

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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