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    Red Mountain Farm is offering Mumstown members a special offer:[list:mljmtn51]3 people for the price of 4[/list:u:mljmtn51]
    [list:mljmtn51]HALLOWEEN HAUNTS[/list:u:mljmtn51]
    We are delighted to announce the opening of Ireland’s newest and most fun Halloween event – "HALLOWEEN HAUNTS" at Red Mountain Open Farm.
    WE WANT CHILDREN AND ADULTS OF ALL AGES[list:mljmtn51]——– COME IF YOU DARE ——-[/list:u:mljmtn51]Two sessions daily 3.00pm and 7.00pm, running from the 23rd October up to and including the 1st November. Fancy dress is encouraged![list:mljmtn51]SESSION ONE AT 3.00 PM:[/list:u:mljmtn51]The early session which will run for about 2 hours, is packed with variety and is best suitable for children up to 10 and of course "adults of all ages" this is important as children must be accompanied at all times. There are lots of Halloween games for example; dunk for the apple, pin the ghost, bubble making and many other traditional and non traditional frolics. Plus meet the Halloween Witch at her smoking caldronand make a wish or a spell! All this takes place within the Witches Den!
    You will then visit the Haunted House to be entertained by our resident story teller with a tale suitable for the "little ones" but with just a hint of seasonal scariness. The Haunted House itself is scary and will invoke memories of the Adams family and a hint of menace!
    From the Haunted House you will travel on to the Spooky Cemetery where some spine tingling surprises and ghoulish fun await the unwary!
    Finally you will visit our Pumpkin Patch, meet the Scarecrow, enjoy our bonfire and collect your free
    family pumpkin (one per family/group).

    Entry is €13 per head and please note pre-booking is essential.[list:mljmtn51]SESSION 2 AT 7.00 PM:[/list:u:mljmtn51]This later Session is targeted at the somewhat older age group and of course all adults with a sense of fun and adventure! The session will run for a little over two hours.
    Starting in the Witches Game Den you will be invited to get in the mood and take part in an array of traditional and non traditional Halloween games. You will meet the Halloween Witch in her lair and get to cast a spell in her cauldron.
    From this point on the session takes a more scary turn to the earlier 3.00 pm session ! Keep an eye out for the Grim Reaper as you may encounter him at any dark turn. On your way from the Witches Den to the Haunted House you may also see the local ghost. Many have seen him already and are convinced he is real. This Halloween he is almost guaranteed to make an appearance as he always does at this time of year.
    As you enter the Haunted House you will notice the definite cool breeze of fear. Hold each other tight as you hear some hair raising tails and be prepared for some surprises!
    From the Haunted House you will enter the Ghouls Graveyard via the tunnel of terror. This is where you need to steady those tingling nerves as even the very brave can expect to be struck silent and emerge shocked and even shaken ! are you brave enough to face this challenge ?

    Your visit to Halloween Haunts draws to a close at the bonfire and Pumpkin Patch where you will pick up your free family pumpkin (one per family/group).
    Entry is €13 per head and pre-booking is mandatory.

    So if you "have the courage" and want a special Halloween treat Book now and avoid the disappointment of not getting your favoured time and date – remember first come first served.

    Telephone: 041 982 3221
    Mobile: 086 2573159/087 9827134
    Email: info@redmountainopenfarm.ie


    oh this sounds fab!!! Think I will bring the kids to this, something different, and a great offer as well!!


    Under 2’s go free!


    Aw damn…….no fair……i booked 2 adults and 2 kids and paid full price for 4 people 🙁


    Wow…I’d like to say a HUGE thanks to the Red Mountain farm for giving me the discount on the mumstown offer even though I booked the trip a couple of weeks ago!!!
    ( I didnt make the above comment to get the offer…….its my own fault for being wayyy to organised haha)

    Customer services at its best!!!!!

    Thanks a million to you and admin aswell.

    Really looking forward to the trip now.

    LOVE THIS SITE!!!! 😀



    I had same experience, they are brilliant up there!


    Just booked there, going on halloween, when are yous all going?


    Im going the 29th the Thursday. J is dressing up as a warewolf lol


    im really looking forward to it, something different for them this year lol!

    Gonna go up and get the boys dressing up clothes today, and of course have to get DD something as well, shou,ld be fun!!


    yeah it is…im not a fan of halloween so this is my contribution to it for J hahaha

    I got j’s online when i was getting mine its cool. aldi had some nice ones last week for €10!!! tesco have only a few bits left mostly for girls.

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