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    Do you remember what Halloween was like when we were growing up? It was so simple and was loads of fun. There was no decorations, it was about family being together and having the craic.

    We used to have apples in a basin that we had to get out with our eyes closed and hands behind out back. We used to have monkey nuts on a string we had to catch in our teeth. If my Dad was in a really good mood and had a few spare coppers, he would put them in a basin of water and you had to get them out with your mouth and whatever you got out, you could keep.

    There was no store bought costumes (at least not where I grew up!).
    When I was a kids you had bin liner sellotaped around you & some of your Mam’s lipstick on your face to complete the disguise.

    Now its all proper scary stuff. Times they are a changing.

    When I was a teen and my sisters were small, I used to love dressing them up in bin liners and being creative with getting them ghoulish looking. I was able to do that with my make up bag.

    It was so much more about being creative with what little we had.

    My kids are all asking for expensive costumes and we just don’t have the money for all that this year. I am trying to explain to them we can use costumes we have already from previous years and change them around but they seem to think they need new stuff to be cool.

    We live in commercial times….


    Pretty much everything was simple back when we were kids and definitely more fun as as the main focus was on actually on having fun, but now is so different.

    My older sons have given up going trick or treating, too old for that they said, Im a bit sad abt it tho as it means they’re growing up…us mums are so strange at times…when they’re little we can’t wait for them to grow up…once you see signs that they are growing up you start to feel like you’re losing them 😀 . …anyway….

    I used to buy a brand new costume every 2 or 3 years and bought them a size or two bigger and made them swap the next year or mixed them up and create a whole new kind of monster 😀 . The costumes are truly very expensive now and would not ever again buy a brand new one. I have seen quite a few in SVP and the other charity shops in Drogheda, most of them still look new and the price is just right as well 😆

    I’m taking a break this year and maybe next year too, my first 3 sons are too old for it and my last son whos only 2 and a half is too young 😀
    Maybe I should go on my own 😆 who knows what sort of treats I’d get 😆


    i used to love getting creative with paper and bin liners with a plastic mask that cost a pound 😆
    this year my kids got their costumes from charity shops and they loved them
    they had dress up day in school yesterday and some of the kids were in very expensive and elaborate costumes, they looked great but then my lot started question theirs but they still like them
    i have to learn to sew 🙂


    My daughter wants to be a corpse bride (don’t ask me why!!) but I am not willing to shell out 20 quid for it.

    Must check the charity shops – good idea lemonB, thanks 😀


    All those type costumes seem very popular this yr, dead brides, bridesmaids and schoolgirls??!! My daughter went off this morning as dead schoolgirl so luckily i was able to pull something together with old uniforms and a tube of fake blood. She ended up winning best costume, delighted with herself!


    My ds wanted to be a bat for the second year in a row. Luckily I got his costume big 2 years ago – got it in telco and it’s still going strong !! My dd wanted to b a black cat so only had to buy her mask and tail for 1.49 in deals which she teamed with black sparkly tights black leggings black polo all from wardrobe !! 😀


    Mine are going to be wearing "old" costumes too… just can’t be bothered with the whole "new Halloween" garb nonsense. They often get costumes for birthdays or Christmas, and we’ll be recycling this year.

    Also, the whole sweet mania story….. once again, when the trick or treaters come to our house in the estate, it will all be home baked goods… 😀

    Spent all of yesterday making and decorating sugar cookies with the kids and then we’ll do the same with cupcakes and other little treats…. half the fun is doing the stuff with the kids. 😉


    Home baked goods chewie ??!! I am calling to your house for sure!!

    My son really wanted a new costume this year and he has not had one for the past 2 years so we said ok. He wanted a skin costume – apparently these are all the rage with boys this year. Its a one piece costume that clings to the body with a hood that goes over the head. Creepy stuff but innocent enough.

    We looked everywhere but could not find him one so if anyone knows where we can get one, please let us know, he would be so happy if we could get it for him.

    Thanks. 😀

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