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    I took the wee man (14 months ) for his second haircut the other day to Bubblegum, just at the side of the Abbey shopping centre beside D’Vine restaurant. She gave him a proper cut and spent time on it and was very friendly , all for only a fiver. Thought it was good value. The last time I went to that kiddikutz place in mothercare in the marshes , Dundalk. It was 15 euro and she spent only a few minutes and the cut was awful. I know he was a bit more wriggly the last time as it was his first time and we did get the all important first haircut certificate :lol:
    I know where I ‘ll be going next time which at the rate his hair is growing will be a bout 6 weeks. Highly recommend it. They have dvd’s at every mirror too and were playing the classic Dirty Dancing. She even found a toy to help distract him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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