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    should you dye your hair when it starts to go grey?


    Its not a matter of should you, its really a personal preference, no one is going to TELL you to dye it just cos its grey.

    me personally i would dye mine if it went grey (im 26 , i dye my hair anyway and have no greys, but would prob dye it more if the greys were there )

    I know a few ladies out there who look very cool with grey hair, to each there own, dont think turning grey would come naturally to me!


    i’ve started to notice that i’m getting a bit greyer (i’m 30)
    i’ve not plans to dye my hair at the moment, my mam and granny went grey naturally so i think i’ll be the same to
    its just depnds on if you want to or feel the need to dye it or not


    oh girls i’m like a badger, my cousin dyed my hair and now the roots….ha grey’s are starting to show and i’m only 28 aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so yeah will be dying my hair, maybe when i’m 50 or 60 will be happy to show my greys but at the moment feel rather old……


    I will always dye my hair!!!! I have loads of grey and hate them. get very self conscious when my colour is due to be done! Worst of being small, everyone look down at them!!! 😆


    Oh DYE DYE DYE!!! Nothing better than then feeling of freshly dyed hair.. I use a natural colour so my hair looks and feels so soft when I’ve done it… God, nothing worse than sprigs of grey!!! No, dye it, be done with it, and feel good!!! Will PM you the details of the natural colour if you’d is great stuff, conditions and colours!!!


    Reminds me of the time when I didn’t colour my hair and one of the children, quite young at the time said ‘ Mam, your looking more like Nana’

    I thought thats fair enough until I realised they meant my hair had a few grey bits and I looked like Nana with my hair! I got it done pronto and my Mum colours her hair too now. Took years off her. She wanted to stay grey, less hassle, but she admits she looked ancient with it.

    Colour all the way!


    oh definitely colour!!! My hair will always be blonde even when im ancient!!! 😆


    I just did mine on friday, I would say if I let all the colour wear out I would be white.

    I went grey really young. I always had a patch and the first time anyone commented on it I was in 6th class in primary school. One of the girls asked me was I painting cause she thought I had paint in my hair. Turns out it was grey hairs.

    Over the years though It has gotten really bad and sometimes if I pull my hair back its like having a white hairband on.


    babs do pm me with the details
    i will give natural a go!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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