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    Recently, I have noticed my hair has started to fall out. many strands fall out when I simply run my fingers through my hair. I normally have very thick, wavy hair. the last time I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut was approx 5 wks ago. at this stage, I would normally be needing a haircut, but with the hair loss, my hair is finer and in no need of a haircut..
    has anyone experienced this and recommend any product I can use?


    hiya! i read in some of my birthing/pregnancy books that our hair is thicker and doesn’t fall out during pregnancy – and then they start to fall out as normal afterwards. Sometimes the hair loss is so fast that it really can cause panic. Anyway, the book said not to worry because our hair will ‘normalize’ after a reasonable amount of time.
    i hope this is the case with you. if not, i hope someone else has more useful feedback!


    My ds is 7 months and the same happened me, I started back on evening primrose oil and its all settled down now. Dont know if it would have on its own or if it was the EPO.
    Good luck but it sounds normal to me


    The same thing happened to me after my first son was born. Several months after his birth, my hair started to fall out in big strands. It stopped a while later – I’m afraid I can’t quite remember how long it took, but I think it was a month or two. It’s very annoying, but not unusual from what I’ve heard. According to homeopathic practices, rubbing onion or garlic on your scalp will help, but that’s obviously rather smelly!


    Yip, happened to me, after giving birth to both of my children…. and took good few weeks to go back to normal… but it did…. 😆

    I didn’t use anything… herbal or otherwise, just let nature take it’s course, and even though it is very irritating at the time… seems like you are shedding everywhere…. 😯 … it does eventually return to normal…


    Yep me too! Didn’t happen on my first so was very shocked when noticed my hair line receding this time…a bit scared too. I did get some herbal stuff but even the girl in the shop said its normal and would sort itself out…and thankfully a few months later I have noticed its back to normal…and as usual I forget to take the herbal stuff after the first few days so nature sorted it!!!


    YEP THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME AFTER MY 2 DARLINGS. Peter Mark in Drogheda town centre sell some sortof a serum for mums like us that suffer hair loss after birth. Ask for Tracy.


    Don’t worry too much over this. It looks so much when you see it after washing your hair. This happened me after all 5 births. I had my last baby just over a yr ago and I still notice it. Even when I dry my hair with a hairdryer I have hair all over my top.

    I have very thick hair too, but for all I lost it’s still thick. As far as I know its a very natural process after childbirth. I think it does go back to normal after some time as I don’t remember it like this all the time and my eldest is 13 now. Its more of a nuisance than anything. I would love to wash my hair and have nothing falling out but I’ve learned to live with it.


    got a bit of a shock wen same happened me. got kerastase shampoo and a couse of tablets in KAZOO found them good ask for david.


    It happened to me but then the hair grew back – it looked slightly weird though as it fell out at the front of my crown so it looked like I had a fuzzy fringe coming in. Grew quickly and filled back in thankfully.

    The joys of motherhood eh???

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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