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    only saw this morning – hope Hailey is doing better today xo
    You too
    thinking of you



    I actually cant believe that this is happening again practically the same time as last year.she was in creche on thursday & her minder rang to say she was very lethargic & sleepy & she just wasnt herself so i made her an appointment with doctor only for her to say get straight into Temple Street as she wasnt happy with her breathing.they did an xray of her chest & the main thing is her diaghphram was still intact & her lungs were clear.

    Her oxygen levels kept dropping so she was put on a nebuliser but it wasnt helping enough so then she got put on oxygen,her levels still wouldnt rise high enough for them to be happy with her to go home.so we spent the night in A&E as there were no beds anywhere in the hospital.

    This morning she got moved to a ward & is on oxygen 24/7 & nebuliser 4 times a day along with calpol for her high temperature.they did a test on a sample from her nose and she has Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV),they think she might have something else aswell & are doing faecal tests but those results arent back yet.

    Im just so wiped out…….its like some one up there doesnt want us to be happy for long,,,its like they thought we had too much happiness with her winning baby of the year & then celebrating her birthday….

    ladies please just send your postitve thoughts Haileys way so that hopefully we will get her home soon



    Thinking of you both,,Will light a candle in the morning for u both..xxxx



    +++++++++ here’s some positive thoughts hope all goes ok



    Thats terrible, i hope she gets well soon x



    thanks for your kind thoughts & wishes

    She is still on oxygen this morning,she has to be off oxygen at least 12 hours before they will consider letting her home.unfortunately any time they try to take her off the oxygen her stats drop straight away so unfortunately i dont see her getting home just yet.

    i am trying really hard to hold it together but im just so exhausted that i have absolutely no energy left.we are taking it in turns one of us does the day shift & the other does the night shift so she isnt on her own at all as she looks quite scared by the whole experience as opposed to the last time she was in hospital i dont think she knew what was going on as she was so young.

    please keep the positive thoughts coming x



    Aw…. God luv ya both…. 🙁

    The positive thing about it all is that yes, it isn’t nice being in hospital, BUT, at least you are where she can be looked after and made well…. 🙂
    Its just a little blip…. all will be back to normal before you know it….

    you are in my thoughts and prayers…x



    Poor little Hailey. She is a little fighter though, so fingers crossed she will be off the oxygen soon and wanting to get home. Hospitals are exhausting, can you get a few hours sleep when her Daddy comes in and you go home for a bit? its awful leaving her but you’ll feel better if you can get your head down for a few hours.

    Thinking of you all. x



    Thinking of you and Hailey.
    Wish she’ll be out soon.



    just home from a 10 hour stint in the hospital,my partner has just taken over for the night.Hailey is trying her best to get home,she managed for a while today without the oxygen,her stats did drop a bit but not as much as the day before so fingers crossed she is winning this fight x



    God love her, but she is one hell of a little fighter… have a bath and get to bed. Have you still got the flu? Get some sleep, night night x



    Haileys oxygen levels dropped a lot during the night & she was having a lot of coughing fits & finding it hard to breath,the nurses change over at 8am so might find out more then not sure what time of day a doctor will be around as on sundays its skeleton staff doctor wise.

    I still have the flu,i feel so shite coughing the whole time,red raw throat its like i have razors in it its so sore too swallow,nose running like a tap.i think i would be more able to cope with Hailey being sick if i felt 100 percent,but such is life….as the saying goes when it rains it pours! 🙁



    Poor u Honey and Lemon is good for the throat – Hope Hailey gets come to day….



    Hope Hailey picks up soon and that you fight off your cold too!



    hey,just to let you know we have got Hailey home from hospital now & thankfully she is on the mend.she is still coughing a lot but she has lostthe real sick look that she had.

    my doctor just signed off work for another week,i cant seem to shift this virus that i have,im just wiped out.

    Anyway the main thing is that Haileyis out of hospital so happy days 🙂

    Thanks for your support as always x

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