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    Hailey has settled in well at home,she is home one week now.she went back to see her consultant at temple street yesterday & he was happy with her progress.we have a lot of health professionals keeping an eye onher a health nurse is going to be calling 1-2 times a week to weigh her & generally check that she is progressing as she should.We have been told to limit contact with too many people over the flu/cold season so family & friends have a bit of wait before they can meet her.its just she is very susceptible to respiratory infections as until she is 6-9 months old she will only have one working lung,but after that her other lung should be up to working properly.

    She has to get a special vaccine every month till april to protect her from repiratory infections,it costs €1300 per injection.we have to get her a scheme card that way we will just have to pay €132 a month for it.isnt it crazy how much one little vaccine can cost,anyway hopefully it will work & protect her.

    So i just wanted to say thanks for all your messages of support over the past month & wishing you all the best of everything for 2012

    I hope santa brings you all something nice!


    Delighted to hear that Hailey is doing so well! I’m sure she will continue to thrive… and I’m sure that you are just thrilled tohave your little angel with you!

    Blessings to all of you, and may 2012 bring you all much health and happiness! xxx


    Its great to hear some good news….
    You can never put a price on a childs health…
    You will have great stories to tell her later on

    Blessings and Happiness for Christmas and the New Year….. xxxx


    Thats great news! My Ds had lung trouble from about 2 months, he had those injections twice in OLOL, i didnt have to pay for them at all, but i was told incase he needed more i got this card sorted out asap.

    My older brother only has 1 working lung, he had double phenomia as an infant and suffered with his lungs all his toddler years… my mother got him into swimming at a very young age and this was a major benefit, he is a smoker and even at 40 my mother still worries about him 🙄

    Im sure it is hard not having too many visitors but im sure people will understand… i always found my ds’s lungs would get really bad if out in the damp evening air, i would never bring him out after 3pm in Winter… Fresh air is brilliant but not the evening air iykwim
    Good luck and Merry Christmas x


    Enjoy your first Xmass at home with Hailey.
    It could be your only quiet xmas. Make the most of it, not having to entertain and feed plenty of people.

    A nice cosy xmas is lovely and it’s needed for Hailey.
    enjoy it.

    You’re a mum so your job is to worry for the rest of your life. Now it’s about virus and bugs and respiratory conditions, in few years it will be about playdates, then boyfriends, then work and it never stops that what’s nice. That’s what motherhood is about.
    Even when she’ll be 40 she’ll need you.

    I still call my mum starting by it’s a question of life and death, how long do I cook the turkey, how do I ….
    And of course how many times I called her when I was a new mum.

    So Hailey is with you for a very long time and she’ll always need something, now it’s love in a germ free house, later it will be love and advices.

    Merry christmas and happy new year.



    Great to hear she is doing so well. Enjoy this very special Christmas with your daughter! 😀



    Just wondering – How Hailey is doing?
    Hope Christmas went well…


    Hi Libby, thanks for your enquiry about Hailey,its nice of you to think of her.all the health professionals are happy with her progress,so far her weight has gone up at every weigh in so thats positive.we are to go back to temple street next week so we should know more then.


    Thats great…
    Temple Street are great…



    Brenda glad everything is going well for you hun xxx

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