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    Hailey’s 15 days old today & her surgical wound was healed enough that she could get washed finally.she didnt mind her head being washed but she only managed about 30 seconds in the bath before she was crying her little heart out.

    she is still vomitting a lot of her feeds up so they have increased her medication to 4 times a day in the hope that it will help her keep the milk down.we really need her to start putting on weight so hopefully that will happen soon.


    Babies tend to cry during their first baths then they adore it.
    Good news, first bath.
    I wish you plenty of first times with Hailey.


    ah Brenda there’s another milestone reached – i remember both my girls first baths like it was yesterday and as fabienne said both cried – it’s a new feeling for them and they’re not all wrapped up snuggly etc she will love it in time

    Fingers and toes crossed Hailey is able to keep more of her feeds down

    How are you doing????????


    our little guy cried during his first hospital bath as his head was all bent out of shape from forceps & vacuum but once we got him home, he soon loved the bath.

    hopefully it won’t be long before you have her home and she is splashing and enjoying her baths….

    its another step in the right direction. hope you feeling ok and getting some sleep and managing to eat too.

    take care. xx


    lovely news hailey has had a bath. hopefully soon feeds will stay down more..xx


    Thats great news… all babies roar at the first bath, i find in the hospital the water does be freezing, i have it a bit warmer at home.

    I hope the extra meds work and she starts to hold her food down

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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