Hailey day 11

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    Hailey is doing her best to get better but it is just going to take time as we have to try & build up her feeds & she has to try & keep down more food & for it to be coming out the other end just to show that her bowels are in working order & she needs to show that she can put on weight.

    i had a mini melt down today as the nurse that was looking after Hailey today was putting some major guilt trips on me as she wants me to stay in the hospital 24/7 so that i am there for all her feeds,but i just physically & mentally dont feel able to do that & it just made me feel like the worst mum in the world.

    i usually spend between 6-8 hours with her everyday & after that all i feel able to do it collapse into bed as it is so draining.i am expressing milk every 3 hours when i am not in the hospitalbut still because of the stress i suppose my milk just isnt increasing & i am only getting 10mls per breast so its all very disheartening.i started on motilium 2 days ago as that is meant to increase your milk flow but it isnt working either,also due to all the stress my IBS has flared up & it feels like my stomach is in a vice grip so all in all im just not having a good day.

    its just so hard right now,all i want is for Hailey to be well & back home with us but i know that this is going to take time & a lot of patience.


    God that is tough, is there anyone helping you with your breastfeeding? I know Caligal on here could give you some good advice

    I know when babies are in ICU they do like you to stay, the way they look at it is they have x amount of babies and work to do and if your there it saves them… its not like Hailey is in a local hospital and you can pop in and out, you still have a long drive to and from the hospital.
    My mothers mantra is "a mammy who is kind to herself is kind to her kids" or " a happy mammy = happy kids"
    Talk to the nurse about it, explain how your feeling. She could have been having an off day


    My thoughts are with you.

    You are going through such a tough time – dealing with shock, worry, stress and all I’m sure on very little sleep. Is there anyone that you can talk too? Perhaps someone at the hospital? Right now the priority is Hailey and you and keeping ye both strong – enlist all the help you can get.



    glad Hailey is doing ok but agree with Taylor Happy Mammy = Happy Kids – i do see where the nurse is coming from but you have to look after yourself in order to be able to Hailey your best

    Thinking of you both all the time xoxo


    Glad to hear that Hailey is fighting onwards! Good girl!

    Now you…. it isn’t easy when you have a little one in hospital, it is so tiring and draining, and realistically the more stress that you are under, the more effect it will have on your milk supply. I always found that the best way to increase supply was to feed more…. but obviously in your case it isn’t that easy. The nurses in the hospital should be able to put you in touch with someone who can support you with the breastfeeding side of things, or of course for you to contact the La Leche crowd…. they should be able to give you some advice. Also, I second Caligal on this site, as I’m sure she’ll steer you in the right direction…. perhaps PM her?

    Realistically, you can only do, what you can do…. if you don’t feel able for something, don’t be letting someone "guilt" you into it…. I know that it is easy to say the words, but it isn’t easy to have to live it. If you are feeling uncomfortable with this particular nurse, then perhaps you should discuss it with her, or alternatively her superior. Don’t be holding your thoughts and feelings to yourself, as you only internalise and put more and more stress on yourself, and goodness knows you have enough to be dealing with as it is. Hailey is everyone’s number one priority…. both the staff’s, and yourselves as her parents. Together you need to work to find a solution that works for all. Sounds like you have a breakdown in communication. Perhaps if you voice your feelings a resolution can be found. Just don’t be letting anyone make you feel like a bad mommy… you are doing the best you can, and I for one reckon you are doing an awesome job in the situation you are in…. 😉

    As always, we are all here for you, whether you need a word of encouragement, or you need somewhere to vent….xxx
    You all remain in my thoughts and prayers! xxx

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