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    More depressing news – killed a mile & a half from his home at 9.30 last night, across the road from his kids’ school. Only 41 & three kids under ten. Same age as me. Seems to have been a nice fella too – coaching kids teams etc. My heart goes out to his wife – I gather she is a guard too & a couple of his brothers as well…. Almost afraid to watch the news at all these days. Lousy economy I can deal with, but murders of guards, rapes of children etc have me in bits …. maybe it’s just hormones…


    Not just hormones pookie – its ridiculous. That poor family. has there been any motive uncovered for this?

    My heart goes out to them and I hope who ever did this is caught quickly.

    I hope this is not the sign of more troubles coming. We’ve had enough of that malarky to do us a lifetime.


    And they got E4000!

    Jaysus, is that what a life is worth these days??

    Let me correct my earlier entry – 2 kids aged 6 & 7. Just babies…

    My eldest is 6 – I don’t know how he’d cope if daddy didn’t come home from work (always a possibility in his line of work although I don’t let myself dwell on it). I don’t know how I’d cope…

    His poor wife…


    awful news – like you pookie my eldest is 6 too and i couldn’t imagine how any of us would cope if dad didn’t come home. Shocking alright.
    I heard this am that The guards stopped to check out a sucpisious car at the Credit Union and that on approaching the car Garda o’Donouhue was shot and they carried out the robbery holding the other guard at gun point.


    Complete waste of life & just for 4 grand.could they not have just held him at gun point along with his colleague,i know it would still be traumatising but at least he would be alive.

    Also he wasnt meant to be working that night,it was a last minute rota change.I bet the person that was meant to be working feels very glad to be alive.

    RIP & my thoughts are with his poor family,friends & colleagues at this very sad time.


    I heard that they think he may have known the robbers which is why he was shot – so so sad


    Its terrible that this has happened.. lets hope that they are found and brought to justice.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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