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    Hubby arrived back on Thurs after two weeks away & just left again….. :roll:

    He HOPES to be back Feb 1st. Thing is I’m due Feb 3rd / 4th….. :shock:

    Having a ‘But what about MEEEEEEEEE?’ moment

    God help him, I know where he’s coming from….

    The child mightn’t arrive until the 18th, I need him more after the birth than before, the other two were 2 days ‘late’, he’s new in the job & has a chance of promotion, he needs to impress them, earn money to support growing family, etc.

    And I think he’s had an earful from HIS mammy & sister… and MY mammy will have his guts for garters if he misses birth…. and think dad dusting off his shotgun… :lol: But still…

    ‘What about MEEEEEEEE?’…. :shock:

    That’s it!
    Just needed to whinge!! :D

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