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    Hubby arrived back on Thurs after two weeks away & just left again….. :roll:

    He HOPES to be back Feb 1st. Thing is I’m due Feb 3rd / 4th….. :shock:

    Having a ‘But what about MEEEEEEEEE?’ moment

    God help him, I know where he’s coming from….

    The child mightn’t arrive until the 18th, I need him more after the birth than before, the other two were 2 days ‘late’, he’s new in the job & has a chance of promotion, he needs to impress them, earn money to support growing family, etc.

    And I think he’s had an earful from HIS mammy & sister… andMY mammy will have his guts for garters if he misses birth…. and think dad dusting off his shotgun… :lol: But still…

    ‘What about MEEEEEEEE?’…. :shock:

    That’s it!
    Just needed to whinge!! :D


    You poor thing. Try to relax as it’s outta your control at this point and you need your strength to get that baby out!


    Ta CaliGal!!

    Am absolutely fine – but sometimes we all need to vent!!!


    do you have a relative or close friend on standby if you need someone with you?

    I went 4 days over on baby number 3, lets hope your little nipper is suitably on time or even a little late!!


    Pookie its good to vent, i know it cant be easy with your hubby being away so close, but as you say you could do way over…. try not stress but the venting helps with this.

    Im sure it will all work out, as sabbi said do you have family on standby?


    I know … am really just venting …. If I even go a day or so early, he should be home… MAYBE…

    Have a selection of babysitters to mind boys on standby (in creche during weekdays so not to bad).

    My friends up here in Dundalk haven’t had kids yet, & don’t want to freak them out with a visit to a labour ward! However, my sis-in-law in Duleek said she’ll meet me @ OLOL if I need someone. Don’t want to impose on her – but if needs be… It’s good to have someone in your corner & to speak for you in some situations.

    Worst case scenario, taxi to hospital, but people on standby there too…

    Ah, I’ll be grand – would be different if it was my first – but nerves are still starting to play up a bit & hormones (‘poor baby… no daddy might be there…’ etc). I know it’s a load of nonsense, but logic can be in short supply at times like this.

    Was up for two hours with panadol & a hot water bottle & a sore bump. Thought things might kick off, but everything quietened off again.

    Ticktock! On final countdown!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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