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    Have to add a nice recommendation about the Green Angel Skincare range. It is an Irish brand of skincare and there are some fabulous products in there. My favourites are:

    Aloe eye gel – this is an amazing product. It cools eyes and soothes puffiness. It is really great for tired mammies. You can pop it into the fridge before use to cool it down even more – divine!

    Exfoliator – This is beautiful, it smells like lemons & oranges and scrubs skin super smooth and also, it seems to reduce the appearance of cellulite (I get through quite a bit of it in my thigh area!) It is also good for getting fake tan off.

    Night cream – This is gorgeous, really silky smooth and smells divine. It is relaxing to use just before bedtime.

    These are Irish made with a seaweed base and are really lovely. They make ideal gifts too and are not crazy expensive.


    I’ve been using the Green angel day cream and it is gorgeous, it absorbs quickly into skin and hydrates well and smells lovely too.

    I got the face cream as a gift and had not heard of this range until then and since then, I bought the body lotion which is also a lovely product. I really love this range and its fantastic that its Irish and is nice and soft on my skin. I was using an expensive anti-ageing cream before this but have to say, I like this much better as my skin feels very soft since I started to use it.

    I would certainly recommend it.


    I tried the hand cream and its very nice. I would buy other products in this range. I thought it might be a bit weird because of the seaweed but its not, they are lovely.


    Still on the same pot of Green angel day face cream, it has collagen in it and I while I would not say I am wrinkle free (sadly) it is very soft on my face and is leaving my skin nice and moisturised, so I am happy with it and think it is good for my skin. It is good value for money too because I am getting a long time out of this one pot and it still has a good bit left in it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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