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    At last I’ve found a place that will give my son a decent haircut and not charge a fortune for it. This barbers is upstairs in Sc*tch Hall, beside N*xt. I walked past it loads of time without really seeing until they had a big sign up that all haircuts (men incl.) are only 8 euro on Mondays. I asked about my son, he’s 6 and they said its 8 euro anytime for a child.

    It is a nice place and the staff are very friendly. the guy cutting my sons hair was chatting away to him about games and stuff and my son actually told me it was a cool place to get his haircut afterwards.

    A reccomendation from a 6 year old is about as good as it gets for me!!!

    I’ll definitely be going back with my son and I’d say my hubby will check it out too,



    oh i know someone who would disagree with ya, they made a hack job of her sons hair i find the green man great


    We had a really good experience and the guy cutting my sons hair was chatting away to him about Star Wars and Nintendo games so my son was kept occupied while it was being done.

    I was really very happy with them and will definitely go back! Well worth the 8 euro I paid for it. They even threw in a lollipop too!


    I bought a pair of scicors and do my kids (girl with long hair and a boy) myself.
    Good value, but……
    he keeps moving and I need 3 days to do an okish job, sometimes it takes me a week…..
    so he look very uneven for days.
    Last week dh brought him to barber,
    since everyone says that he has a nice hair cut.
    So professionnals are really profesionnals.
    I should give up to do my son. But it’s fun, and he’s too young to refuse…
    dd it’s ok, just a little bit at the time and she stand still for me.
    Keep offering to do dh haircut, and recession or not his answer is NO.

    So now I will look out for post for a good barber.
    We went local. Not a bother, lolipop at the end. ds is willing to go back there.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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