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    Just thought I would start a thread to share ideas on great Christmas Ideas …

    WEBKINS are stuffed animal that come alive online in the website Webkinz World. Kids can play games to keep their pets happy and healthy and build a home for it with cool furniture. Age 5+ Girls & Boys


    FOTO.COM … get your pictures printed on canvas for CHEAP! Great gift idea for the Nana’s & Grandpa’s!


    oooh that sounds nice, might check it, even for my own house.ta, good thread by the way, hate coming up wth xmas pressie ideas, nevr kno what to be buying.


    One of my daughters got Sylvanian Family house and accessories off Santa………loves it so much still and is asking for another family and car for her collection so far. She is 10 but loves togo up to her room and play with them for ages. She says herself she feels a bit old but as I said you’re never too old to enjoy playing with toys. Best thing she ever got off Santa, and the enjoyment is still there.



    i wanted them when i was a child too but my mam wouldn’t get them for me, so when the kids get bigger i’ll start collecting them 😆


    oh the best thing for me was barbies, i swear i had everthing uder the sun for them, unfortunatly ds does not fel the same hahahahahaha

    its match attax and an ipod he wants !!!!!!

    i think kids at a younger age can be swayed as to what they think they want!! its when they get older thats when the problems start hahaha.

    i wouldnt have a clue whats in the top 10 toys but im sure i will in the next couple ofyears


    Hi there,

    I have to buy a present for my husbands godchild, she is four at Christmas. Don’t get to see her, so don’t know what she likes. What are four year old girls into this year?

    Last year i bought her loads of Dora stuff – crayons, book etc and seemingly she was thrilled.

    I know Hannah Montano & High school Musical are the big things this year but just wondering if a four year old would be into that? I know a few 6 year olds who are realy into it but is four too young? Not sure!

    What you think?


    My DD is 4 and is still into Dora, but don’t think for much longer – she seems interested in Hannah Montana, but no interest in High School Musical…. she is pretty girly now, loves getting the root at make up and is always wanting to do my hair (which I hate, but let her do it.. find girls real easy to buy for…there is alot more choice.

    Now if someone can come up with an idea for my DH I would be happy!!



    I got the hubby a voucher last year for top gifts and it was brill as there is loads of stuff that he can do with it. L used it for the murder myster weekend but there is a vast amount of stuff that he could do with it. Just an idea.


    have alook also girls if buying stuff from argos check uk price, bought today a ds lite with brain game and free accessories pack for 118stg, works out about 147euro, to buy down south in argos 180euro… there’s a saving, to buy an extra game, so if buying ipod’s or wii’s etc check around for prices…..


    yuumymummy i bought the complete match attax set on ebay for around 45 euro in the folder i thought it was great value as there are no waste of extra cards – was pure sick of looking at them all over the house last year 😆 😆


    I got stuff in smyths for ds1 from santa, I asked dh to bring them in out of the car and hide them, this was weeks ago and the STUPID MAN hid them under the stairs and guess what???? yes ds was in the press the other day and found the stuff!!!!!!! Im still so angry with dh, they will now have to be mammy and daddy gifts dont want to risk spoiling xmas at 3 years old


    god that’s awfull, x mas will cost you twice as much now.. but your 3 yr old will be delighted!! i’m always terrified in case that happens here, at least it wasn’t closer to the big day..


    men i think they don’t think, unless it’s to do with themselves…..god you will have to rethink santa as no way can ya risk it……poor A….actually poor K he’ll be murdered….lol


    All the stocking fillers from us will now have to be from santa and all the games will be from santa…. I was telling him today that santa is watching (when he wouldnt eat his lunch) he did a poo and was helping me get nappies etc.. he ran to the window and shouted "Did you see how good I am Santa?" 😆 😆 😆 😆 How cute is that?

    Poor K my arse, he is lucky I didnt kill him, but I know a better way to get him back…… his pocket 😆 😆 😆 He will be raging when I have to go toy shopping AGAIN 😆 😆 😆

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