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    recently i needed to buy one of those really expensive irons.i was getting loads of advice on where to buy it and loads of people suggested going neighbour gave me the argos catalogue for here and one for north to compare prices.i picked the one i wanted and checked the price.i have never shopped in the north as my husband works in retail and i believe in keeping our own economy afloat.i rang kevin mcallister’s on west st and told him what i wes looking for.i spoke to a great saleswoman called karen and she told me all about the product.i asked her if they could match the price argos was offering in the south.i was happy to go with that.they were happy to match the price and i was happy to spend my money in drogheda town.when i went in to collect the iron another girl showed me the workings of it and was also very,my point is, please try to support our own local might save a few bob going north but think about members of your own family who work in town.people will only realise how they are killing our own economy and boosting the north’s economy when it lands on their own doorstep.HOW MANY OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS ALREADY THIS YEAR.


    I feel the same now, even tho Im a northerner, and agree to fair prices etc, DH is in the food industry, and Tesc*s are getting rid of the Irish brands and choosing cheaper UK brands, this is going to effect local jobs, so he made me go to Dunne* today where they stock a lot more of the irish brands, this recession is effecting everyone now and we all need to start supporting our own. I must say I have noticed the prices coming down in all the supermarkets.
    I will still price around locally and see who has the best bargains!!!




    hi guys,big sis i admire you for your honesty.loads of people i know go up north to shop,its just not for me.i always hear about the great bargins up north.i write a list during the week and try to get two weeks out of my shopping.i try to stick to my list but its hard.i buy whichever yogurts or cereals are on special.its tough for us all at the moment but thank god my husband still has a job.hang in there anyone who has been hit by layoffs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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