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    my little 2 year old boy has discoid eczema on left hand, backs of knees, front of ankles and can get it on face(around eyes) and inside elbows. We had settled on Oliatum in bath, elave shampoo and body wash for baths/showers and elave creams and paraffin gel as moisturiors. A Neighbour who has psoriasis told us she was using Nivea soft on her skin and we said we’d give it a go once we had ran out of what we were using. The results on his hand have been nothing short of amazing. :D It has been practically clear for 2 weeks now and looks even better than if we had to use a steroid. His hand was always the worst place as it never got a chance as it was the hand he’d have in his mouth while teething. It hasn’t improved other eczema areas to the same extent but we will stick with it for his hand. Its really hard to believe it works as it has a strong perfumed smell.


    We’ve just started using Ovelle Baby Aqueous cream and its fantastic. its free from SLS, Propelyne Glycol and other nasty chemicals & stuff and is perfume free too. Our baby had a terrible nappy rash and had sores that were almost bleeding; she was so distressed the poor thing but this has worked wonders.

    Its so hard to see them in pain so anything safe and soft that can take it away is a winner for us. Its definitely one we’ll be recommendingto other mammies 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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