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    i’ve been looking for a fridge magnet frame to frame my ds1’s artwork on my fridge, as i don’t want to be putting a load of magnets up all over it, and besides the first fridge we had got ruined scraps all over it, this one is my special fridge lol….

    anyway, i couldn’t find one that would frame a4 size, anyway…i came across on ebay a fab little gadget i know they have them in the argos but 41.99e….when you see the size only tiny so wasn’t paying that much, but got one on e-bay for 22e delivered and all….

    It’s a digital photo frame stores up to 60 photos has auto switch off, charges and upload pics from pc so easy to use, just drop and drag photos….and the clarity of the photos is lovely…

    why would i want one of these? well for anyone who has been to my house i love photos and change ours on a regular basis, i’ve got digital frames, i’ve got no wall space left for the want of frames, had planned on redoing a wall with an array of photos but dh was like please no…anyway, i decided i’d get this to fill with more pics but also when the art wall is full in the playroom, or if he does one that’s for someone else, ie daddy for work…and santa… and ds wants to choose his special fridge picture he’s drawn i’ll photograph it and play it in the fridge digital one….

    turns out great if i must say so myself….we have that many frames, and drawn pictures on our art wall, that this was a simple and handy DIGITAL SOLUTION, and one that can be kept longer than perhaps the original…(even though hate throwing out his pics) i usually get photo of him standing with his drawings before we dipose or store away any of his drawings…

    anyway i know long and boring post, but just thought i’d post this up for those wondering on a different and gadget type present for themselves or someone else….

    here’s the link for the one in argos … authToken=


    Thats sweet, bet my sis would love that, she lives in Jersey and has photos all over the house, her poor husband’s family barely get a look in, its mostly our family that are all over the walls.

    Must send this on to her…good tip, thanks


    I just scrapbook all their stuff, have a good few books but think the photo idea is much better idea

    Do you have the ebay link? my mam would love this for her photos


    Actually a really good idea 😀

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    The digital foto frames are great! We’ve had one in the kitchen area for a couple of years and it’s amazing when people visit and they start looking through old pics of themselves that we have uploaded!

    Just on fridge magnets, I order a few each year with calendars and contact details to give out. They are like soft rubber so they don’t mark the fridge and only the size of a small photo. I have a couple of 2011 ones left, if anyone would find them handy, PM me and I’ll send them on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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