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    ohh would so love to go to India!!! how did you get on with a little one over tummy worries???


    well im just back from the most amazing holiday in india, such a friendly country!!! now to save to go back, in the meantime looking for somewhere in ireland to go during the summer, have a 20 month old so would need to be baby friendly?? anyone recommend a good hotel, preferably with golf for the hubby n father in law!!


    sounds like you have a great time 😀


    its was amazing… a million times nicer than i ever expected!! iv never met such friendly people. the baby luvd it, she was like a mini celebrity everywhere we went haha!!

    me and the hubby got sick but not a bother with dd?? altho she was bathed in mineral water and i was pretty careful about what she ate when we were out but she had no probs at all!! even started using tbhe potty while we were there!!

    def a place id recommend…


    dont think i could convince DH to go there..i am thinking of a bit of shirley Valentine thing for my 50th if he wont go!!! 😆 (another 10 years to go yet though…)

    glad little one didnt suffer with her tummy..i am sure they did love her over there…i think indians are so friendly and really nice people.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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