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    We’ve been living in the Bettystown Area for the past 6years, in all that time I’ve visited the same Barber – Anto’s, The Bettystown Barber on the Golf links Road, just up from Funtasia.

    He’s a good lad, who likes having a laugh, great with kids and not bad with the older customers too.

    His shop is always warm, fun and his prices are very reasonable.
    I’d recommend for all Boys and Dads.

    Also a nod to Brendan who does a great job.

    It’s been said on numerous occasions that people keep coming back for the outstanding service and witty humour…(had to get that in)!


    Yip, DH goes there too…. always has a comment when he comes out!


    Just realised that may have sounded a bit strange!

    What I actually meant was that DH always has a comment about what a good laugh the guy is!….

    There I go, typing without thinking! 😳

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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