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    Do any of you know if you can use the GP Visit card in the Doc on Call.
    Cannot get an appointment with my own Doc today and my throat is just killing me.

    thanks girls


    Far as I know should be okay……medical cards are so assume gp cards are the same.

    If you ring your own doc and tell them you have to go to the doc on call its that bad they might fit u in.

    Poor u.


    Hi C

    In the end I got an appointment with my own doc. I have laryngitis and am on antibiotics now for a week. It is so painful and I can barely talk and you know me I love to talk.

    Are you all set for Christmas? Its getting really exciting now.


    You poor thing……just before christmas an all. It will kill you not being able to talk……i remember mam having it and we loved annoying her especially when she couldnt talk and give out to us.Hope your lads dont try that one on you. It wasnt funny at the time but poor mam fell down the stairs when she had no voice and lay at the bottom trying to call for help but she couldnt get a sound out…..we laugh at it now though.

    Glad you got the doc though…….its crazy when you feel so ill and cant get appointment. You nearly have to plan to be sick in advance and make the appointment. Suppose a busy time for them too.

    Nearly there…….just few more bits to do.

    Your card is in the post…..know me….always late…..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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