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    Have a flu, all weekend took honey and lemon hot drinks / strepsils and cough mixture and inhalers

    At 9:30 am today rang GP for an appointment – earliest was 4pm tomorrow, really mad, i dont have a medical or doctors card

    At 6pm rang DOC – very efficent had an appointment for 6:40pm, seen immediately even put on neubliser and out by 7:10pm – All it cost was €60, €10 deared than GP…

    Whats going on …..
    Looking forward to ringing GP and cancelling appointment for tomorrow


    Same happened to me recently, Rang on Thursday morning as felt really sick, was told they had no appointments till Monday!!!!!!!!!!!FFS

    I hounded them, kept ringing back until suddenly there was cancellation on Friday morning.

    Totally pissed off with the service.

    Have been threatening to move for ages as always have to beg for appointments, especially for the kids.

    But not sure where to go?


    think alot of gp practices are same at the minute – i’m with a practice in Ashbourne and they’ve 3 doctors and depending on which doctor you want you can’t get same day unless it’s an emergency!


    This always happens with our GP too, it can be a nightmare. I ask them to see if they can squeeze us in if someone cancels and they sometimes can manage that on the same day.

    if not, I ask if my doctor can ring me if I am very sick or if its one of my children who is quite sick and they usually manage the phonecall. If the doctor decides based on the phonecall that we are in need of attention, they will make sure we get an appointment that day.

    Its a nightmare but you have to be forecful!


    Hope you are feeling a bit better libby.

    Must say, the DOC is brilliant. We were ion there on Mother’s day and were in and out in under an hour. Excellent service and they are so nice.


    Have i think Hayfever today… Bug red nose


    Same with our gp – huge practice and lots of doctors but very hard to get an appointment. In saying that, kids tend to get sick out of hours – so more often than not, it will be the Doctor on Call. DOC is brilliant and in Navan, you are usually out within the half hour.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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