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    So pissed off had ds at the doc on sunday and parked at Drogheda port at the foot brigde to run into the shopping centre to the chemist. I checked the signs as i was driving passed the Mariner and there is no charge for parking on sunday so i parked my car further down and went into Scotch Hall, was in there for about 20 mins. Came back to find a parking ticket on my car. I didnt notice it until that evening. I’d say i was still on the foot bridge when they gave me the ticket. Soo annoyed as i had checked as i was coming down the road. Drove back down and the parking passed the Sound Shop has different parking rules. €60 fine, is it just me or is that completely OTT. Am thinking of appealling it but they will say that they have clear signs, only noticed them when i went back down in the evening, i had just assumed the whole area was the same.


    yep its ridiculs that you have to pay on sunday. i had to run in for something and have to pay and id be only 10mins . 👿 👿


    I know and your man is a right prick!!!!! 😈 😈 😈
    I had a fully paid parking ticket on my car I was only 5 mins so I gave it to the woman who parked beside me….. he had the cheek to tell me I couldnt do this and said if I gave this to the woman he would give me a Parking fine!!!!!! I told him in no uncertain terms what I’d do with his ticket 😆 😆 😆


    lol @ taylor pmsl!!! 😆 😆 😆

    U were just right!! 8)


    Yeah they changed the parking times for the port when SH opened, more money for the port eh!!!! never park there on a sunday when everywhere else is free not a chance.

    PLus everywhere else ie like the market the min is 20c whereas there you HAVE to pay for the hour, its madness!!

    I always give my ticket to someone if there is plenty of time left on it, i would also tell the parking man to take a hike if he told me i couldnt do it!!!! its my ticket i paid for it ill do what i like!

    sorry you got a ticket.


    Yummy thats what I told him, that is was mine and none of his business…. he didnt seem to think so. I asked where did it say it was nontransferable, he snapped back at me that he would be looking into that 😆 😆 😆 😆 Yeah right, the guys on a right power trip 🙄


    He does be hiding behind cars for Gods sake watching to see who doesn’t pay…..and then he runs over and gives them a ticket!!!! He seems to be everywhere at once yet you don’t see him!!! He is like the holy spirit of the parking world!! 🙄 🙄


    Deciding to send in appeal form, if nothing else buys me some more time….not expecting a pleasant reply. I said i would give them the €1.30 instead..

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