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    Got a call from our son’s school today to ask me to come get him as he had a pain in his chest and they were worried about him.

    Frightened the life out of us as he looked quite pale when we got him, so brought him straight to doc but they say nothing wrong with him. They said it might have been a spasm and to keep an eye on him. It was such an odd complaint for a child to have a pain inhis chest and it happened while he was reading, so not from a knock the playground.

    His poor teacher was up the walls with worry too and rang us later on to make sure he was ok.

    You just never know what the day will bring when you have kids…he is fast asleep now and was annoying his sisters earlier so think he is fine but gave us quite a fright.


    Its horrible feeling – when you got a call from the school, we all think the worse…

    Glad to hear he is ok…


    God thats terrible, i dont like to hear anything like that. My brother at about the same age as M would have put the heart crossways in my poor mother, it turned out that the chest pains was phenomena and not his heart as they thought
    Has he a school concert coming up? could he be a bit anxious over something as simple as Santa coming?


    gosh kids do know how to put the heart sideways in us – i ended up in a&e with E last week, suspected appendicitis – my heart was in my mouth at thoughts of her having op etcetc………. turns out it was a urinary infection but i know what you mean about getting a fright.
    Hope your DS is ok and that it could be something like being anxious about something


    Hope M is ok, and that is only a question of extra stress due to Santa coming.

    Yes when school calls it always makes you panic.
    My SIL was telling me a story, when her child’s school called her about 40 minutes before collection time. So she was driving, start to panic when hse read school on her phone, so of course she did answer even if she knew she shouldn’t while driving, but your instinct tells you to take the call.
    The mum already panicking from seen school, then as well trying to find a spot to stop her car, then the teacher tells her she’s her daugther teacher’s (she knows that already!), then the teacher start her sentence by
    " it’s been an accident in the school (imagine the mum state at that stage), your daughter is bleeding a lot, there’s blood everywhere on her clothes, do you think you can collect your child early?"
    mum " yes, what happened is the ambulance on the way?
    teacher, " oh no, she just bumped into someone, got a bad nose bleed but she’s fine, all ok, just upset and blood on the clothes.

    Then Mum recovered from her heart attack!, drove to school, then told the teacher never start a sentence to a mum by it’s been an accident and lots of blood. Just say your child bumped into someone or fell, then got quite a bad nose bleed, it would be better if you could collect her early.
    She went to gp as she got so scared she wanted to make sure as the teacher did first say accident, but gp clear the child. It was just a bad fall.

    I guess that teacher will never start a sentence again by it’s been an accident,…
    incident maybe.



    well, our little guy is grand thank goodness. he had us worried sick yesterday but by bedtime last night there was not a bother on him and was tormenting his sisters and driving us mad – all sure signs he is ok.

    we are still keeping an eye on him as he gave us all a fright yesterday but it could have been something as simple as indigestion as it went as quickly as it came! He does not seem worried about anything that would cause him stress but we are watching him closely just incase.

    I wake up every day now and realise that I just don’t know what the day will bring, life is so unpredictable when you have kids!! You think you have plans and then you get a phone call like that and your day goes up in the air! You never know…just relieved hes alright.


    I deal with a lovely guy every so often due to business, he has often said im going to the hospital with the little fella, it was only the other day i asked how he got on at the hospital, he told me his 9 year old has a brain tumor and has had it a few years now!! I nearly fainted, still not over the shock

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