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    Hi all, i’ve just joined Mumstown! And I’d like to ask you all to have a look at my website http://www.giftedbynature.ie ! Let me know any feedback at all that you have. :D
    We’re an Irish brand of 100% natural skincare and gifts. We use ONLY natural ingredients, with some organic (e.g. our fabulous Organic Velvet Balm is 88% Organic!) Apart from individual products, we’ve over 25 gift boxes for Men, Women, Babies, Home….
    We also do Bamboo towels, for adults and babies, and it is an incredible feeling fabric. Our baby hooded towel is 90cm x 90cm, made to last until aged 5 or 6. Also – bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and so is brilliant for damp towelling and can be washed at low temperatures of 30 degrees – very eco… And – 300% more absorbant than cotton, so you get dry instantly!
    (I’m getting carried away – I’m in love with towels!!) :D
    Am also in love with candles – our gorgeous ones in reusable coloured pots are 100% natural, and we put 10% pure essential oils into them. (normal ‘luxury’ candle would have about 6% or 7%) The pots make them glow – they are so pretty, and they come in pretty organza gift bags too.
    Anyway, please let me know what you think. We retail from our website, and we also wholesale. Anyone who wants to send me a pm I will put you on our mailing list as we do frequent special offers and discounts.


    Love the look of the products, very luxurious and pampering. May have to start dropping hints to dp 😀 😀 Hope its going well for you


    Thanks Newmomma, it’s going well, but need to make sure more people know about us ! Have spent so much time and money getting everything in place, and doing all the planning and branding etc. We want to focus a bit on our retail website now – the wholesale has taken up a lot of energies so far, but that is good. So, make sure dp signs up to our mailing list and he’ll have even more incentive to treat you as he’ll get a discount!! 😆
    Actually – if he’s very good you might even treat him for Father’s Day..!! does he fit the profile of 100% Natural Dad ??
    I love this mumstown forum – love the emoticons and it’s really easy to use…!


    Hi there, Your products are fabulous. I use organic as much as possible both to eat and use on my body or in my house. Best of luck with the business – i will certainly tell everyone.
    May i suggest that you create a page on facebook – you will get lots of interest there and another source im using for networking is http://www.irishwomeninbusiness.ie.

    I too am launching a neew business on june 9th in Dundalk. Id love if you take a look at my website and give me feedback.


    I looked at website.
    Your towels and the way you talk about it makes me want one.
    But just a question what is the maximum temperature you can wash it?
    As I often wash at more than 30degre.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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