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    Looking for a good leather conditioner and cleaner, have a 50 box from a large department store in Drogheda and its utter crap!!!!
    Googled leather conditoner and up popped Saddle soap, called over to Equipet (beside smyths toys) I got a cleaner and a fab condtioner that smells wonderful all for 15 euro!!!!! Best 15 euro I’ve ever spent, sofa looks like new (well the tiny bit I’ve done) Off now to get stuck in :roll:
    So anyone looking ot clean/condition a leather sofa call to the pet store and get some stuff used for cleaning tackle


    Thats good to know Taylor – need to give our suite a good clean…. being a bit lazy and waiting until school is back… at least it will be left clean for a bit longer than normal!


    Just what i was looking for. Almost moved to my new place 😀 happy days 😀 and need to clean sofas.
    Thank You 😀


    Home Store and More do a good leather cleaner for 1.99 – you put on and buff off. Lidl / Aldi also do a W5 cleaner – cheap, does the job but does stink!!!! Those leather wipes you can buy in the supermarket are also very good but you use up loads.


    I have other cleaners one from wogans and the wipes, but this is BRILLIANT… my sofa was very very expensive and I would be very catious about what iM put on it


    just aswell my brains were working and told ya most likely would get it in epuipet…..happy sofa cleaning


    Yeah I would have went to town & country store… equipet have tonnes of stuff for leather

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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