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    So I’ve just read some Harlan Coben (he can be a bit hit & miss I find) and also finished some Melissa Hill.

    Looking for another good read – anyone got any good recommendations???

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about this book called ‘The Secret’ but never read it – is it worth reading?


    Ssshhhhhhh…………….. its a Secret! 😆 😆 😆

    i know a few people who have the book and the dvd’s etc, its meant to be good positive read


    What type of books do you like? Thats the question…..

    I’m reading Harlan Coben at the minute…. but enjoy a wide variety of authors and writing styles.

    Loved… Time Travellers Wife…. by Audrey Niffenegger…. thought it brilliant..

    The Secret…
    In a nutshell…. its about the "law of attraction"… what you put out into the universe, you get back… so, if you are positive, think positive thoughts and the like… that is what you attract back to yourself…
    IF on the other hand you are a glass half empty kind of gal… then, you attract the negative to yourself… negative energy etc…

    So… if you want to get yourself in a positive mindset… there ya go! 😉


    Lately I have been reading a lot of books by Douglas Kennedy. His book "The pursuit of happiness" was made into a film with Will Smith.He’s brilliant I think.

    Also I love Stephen King. If you’re not into horror he has a good few that aren’t his usual scary type.



    I have The Secret, you can borrow it if you want. I just read bits and pieces out of it. Think its the kind of book you just dip in and out of.


    Claudie Carroll is a bit like Melissa Hill

    Her books are funny


    I’ve just started a John Grisham, A place for Pizza. Went to the library on Saturday and got it very hard to find anything I wanted, think I’ve read all the Irish Author Section!

    If you haven’t read Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl, its a good fun read, something along the lines of Melissa Hill.

    My DD has the Time Traveller’s Wife and I’m waiting on it….. 3 weeks now and about 50 pages in, if she’d let me have it first I would have had it read and back to her inside a week.

    Speaking of which I’ve been trying to find her a good Stephen King book and I can’t find any of his oldies anywhere. I’m looking for The Lost Boys and Salem’s Lot in particular and don’t seem to be able to find them in the Library or any bookstores I’ve visited. In saying that I haven’t tried Amazon yet…. I want her to see what real vampires are like instead of these sickly vegetarian ones in Twilight, lol…


    I’m just starting a french book called
    les yeux jaunes des crocodiles (the yellow eyes of the crocodiles)
    found a critic online … rocodiles/

    just the beginning, but can’t wait to have it finished.
    There is a second and 3rd part.
    I did not buy it during my last stay, affraid that I’ll read until it’s finished, and then social services will be called to take away my neglected children.
    So I’ll neglect them just to read one book (instead of 3).
    the part 2 has a lovely name as well
    la valse lente des tortues = the slow waltz of the tortoises
    and part 3 les ecureils de central park sont tristes le lundi
    central park’s squirrels are sad on mondays.

    It’s not in english, but maybe one day…

    I read the kite runner 1 month ago, it was so so moving. And another book, nice but not unforgatable.

    I normally read books that are lended to me (don’t like to look for books), I bought this french one myself (noone around me to do it for me), so I just looked at the front cover and the title was catchy. Got lucky.


    I really enjoyed Brooklyn

    Financial Companion

    Yeah, Playing for pizza by John Grisha was great, as are all of his, Runaway Jury is another great one by him. I’ve probably read over 30 of Dean Koontz, amazing writer, sometimes descriptions are very detailed but he certainly paints a picture! One of his earlier ones "From the Corner of his eye" or "False Memory" are amazing! His later ones are much shorter but very enjoyable. I think there is about 4 in the "Odd Thomas" series from him, but make sure you read them in the right order! I’ve only just started one of the most read books ever, "To Kill a mockingbird" 😉

    pinata ruth

    I’ve just finished ‘pillars of the earth’ by Ken Follett for the second time always a good sign. Normally he’s a spy writer but this is set in medival England about the building of a cathedral and all the family drama that goes with it. Its wonderfully thick and I’d def recommend.


    I’m reading ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Lorna Byrne, its the follow up to ‘Angels in my Hair’. Non Fiction, Its Lornas story some might have seen her on the Late Late show many months ago promoting the 1st book.

    She’s been able to see angels since she was a child and they speak to her and she can see spirits sometimes aswell.
    Well worth a read whether you believe in angels or not, I could hardly put down the 1st book once I’d started it and its the same now with ‘Stairway to Heaven’


    Really enjoyed Angels in my hair, she writes it with a lovely style, very easy to read and a good story.

    I am reading a Sophie Hannah book at the moment called The point of rescue, its a bit tricky but suspect its gonna get very interesting soon – at least I hope it does!!


    oh i read angels in my hair when my granny was dying really helped me through it, and then later i got the courage to try for another baby…roll on years later i have a little maggot of a 22month old….lol


    I have just finished ‘One Day’ by Paul Nicholls. Loved it! Great book.

    Reading ‘The Slap’ at the moment, its quite good but finding it hard to get into it after reading ‘The One’.

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