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    Wishing John & Edward all the best for Saturday night in Baku.

    They seem to be popular with the reporters and fans again this year – I think no matter where they go, people will take to them. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

    Hope they do really well. I think last year’s song was better but hope they will still do well.

    Go Jedward!! :D :D :D


    Didn’t realise it was this week!!

    Hope they do well!


    silly me, its actually next weekend! thats brilliant, I’ll be in my sisters house for it in Jersey, the craic will be mighty!! Go Jedward!


    Ooohhhh, that was tense last night. the last ones to be picked for the final o Saturday night. I really thought we were not going through – even when the mad grannies went through and it was obvious we should have been in the final, have to admit, was a bit worried for the boys.

    but, it looks like it may have been a TV stunt to get maximum exposure and get the best response from the boys – they cartwheeled their way to the stage when they were called as the 10th finalist!!

    Best of luck to them for Saturday night – they were great last night, camp and madder than ever but always watchable. 😛



    DD burst in to tears of joy 😆 😆 😆 😆


    myds got so emotional he hugged and kissed me and just about held back the tears!!
    It was a big set up last night, Jedward called last from a golden ticket!!! All the other finalists were on the stage and had a little walk, Jedward did the big entrance with cartwheels and the works…. They are getting their moneys worth out of Jedward this week, great TV but my nerves were gone watching it, i cant wait for saturday!! Ds is allowed stay up and Dominos pizza for dinner 😆 😆 😆


    Delighted they got through – think its quite a good song and they performed well, only thing though, I really wish they would put them in decent clothes!


    Agree there Yvonne, the clothes were a bit mental. They have great energy, really hope they do well Saturday night.


    what did you think of the Russian grannies?? mental but weirdly kind of catchy….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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