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    Hi guys,

    Posted this question on Introduce yourself section before I stumbled in here. Looking for a girls tv/dvd combi for my daughters birthday.
    Argos,Tesco,Smyths, even Dunnes had them and now I’m looking,they’ve all stopped doing them. :(
    Any ideas would be great. No luck so far on Donedeal or E bay either.


    Hi Nickydolly,

    I think I saw them in Heatons a while back….I think so, my brain seems to remember something like that in there.

    Did you try Power City? You can check them out online too.

    best of luck, the joys of tracking a birthday present for a small child eh!!


    Now,Powercity, I didn’t try I must say. Or Heatons (I love Heatons) 😆

    Oh,the joys is right. I’d say something if I even invisaged any problem finding one but thought, "Ah sure,theyre everywhere!" Typical. I’m so near to just buying a regular one or a second hand portable and dvd to get my tv back for party of the day when I’m there.
    Bet if I did though,they’d come into Dunnes or something so case of "Fecked if yea do,fecked if ya don’t" 😕
    Thanks for the post back! I’ll try those two.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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