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    Just to say, if any of you are the mother of the 7/8 yr old girl who was selling cupcakes at the farmers market on sunday you should be very proud.
    Even i was proud of her, she makes and sells them herself, little trestle table, a sign and a money bag. she told me how she made them, we ended up buying lots more than we needed and wished her luck in her new venture.
    Half way through the ‘sale’ her little sister came running over shouting ‘ how much is he buying’ whilst the young stall holder glared and ‘shushed’ her, so funny.

    Anyways, i thought it was really cool of her to be doing this, reminded me of our younger days where we done everything we could to get make money, i used to HATE having to ask for money.

    Made me and my wife smile for the day, and i just ate 6 cup cakes ( dont tell my wife though) :roll:


    Ah how cute


    We use to make pot pourri balls for your drawers from bits of material and coloured elastic bands and sell them from my mams garden for 20p! 🙄 😆
    We also made orange juice but forgot to get plastic cups and I ended up getting grounded because i used mams cups!!!! She went mad! Haaaa 😆 😆


    My cousins used to boil flowers stolen from next doors garden and pour the brown water into jam jars and sell as perfume.

    Never sold any jars, got stung by alot of bees !!!


    My Hubby went door-to-door selling drop scones when he was a little boy. He’s a chef who never cooks at home! 😈


    Great idea if initiated by kids.
    I have to control mine, who are always coming up with some scheme to sell things around the neighbourhood!


    Mine like to wash cars on the estate. Thing is, they end up looking dirtier!


    we used to have disco parties in the garden and charge people to come and dance. then we would face paint and paint nails too….also did the whole making flower perfume too…and every so often rob stuff on my brothers and sell them, until i got caught…..

    all i wanted was a 5p lollipop….. 😉


    when my bro was younger him & his friends would look for old wood and bag it ,and sale it arould the doors as fire wood for the fire .they used to make a small fortune.


    That is so sweet (literally!!)

    What a nice story – I hope that little girls mum or someone who might know her gets to pass this nice message on to her.

    I’m sure it would make her smile too!!


    hmmm, but i had to tell my wife i must have left them in the market somewhere,
    * wipes crumbs from mouth*

    cos i didnt eat them


    another cool story.when we were young we were very poor.had no running water in house so obviously we had no bathroom or sinnks or the likes.had a well at the end of the field and a basin in the table.anyway we used to have to pick strawberries then blackberries then spuds for the farmers and even stones when the fields were ploughed.when we were picking the blackberries we would go off for a day at a time, myself,my 2 sisters and my brother.we’d have a little cleaned out tin to pick into and we would bring big buckets so to get a good days picking done.the guy who bought the blackberries from us would call twice a week and we would get paid by the weight.we used to pour as much water as we could in on top of them on the day he’d be calling to make them weigh more.when we got away with it we would have the best laugh sure he knew we were doing it but god love my mam she had 13 of us to feed so id say he turned a blind eye to was so funny and still makes me laugh today

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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