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    hey all

    i have two gifts to buy one for a premature little boy whose parents were very good to me in a time of crisis recently and one for a good friend who just found out she is having a girl i want to get something different special and unusual but gorgeous not too expensive so if any one can help it would be gratefully appriciated

    wuzy xxx


    Jewellery tree have beautiful charms and bookmarks from 20 euro. I got my friend a bookmark, it was personalised with her initial and some lovely pink stones and she absolutely loves it. She has said she will be buying these as birthday gifts for her own friends in the future, so that was a clever buy! Have a look here: … l-Bookmark

    For the premature baby you could get something for his bedroom, maybe a personalised name plate for his door? Erin crafts do nice things like this and again, not expensive. Jewellery Tree also have some nice baby gifts, have a look here: … aby-Gifts/

    Hope that helps, happy shopping!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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