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    My MIL is 60 soon and we are looking to get her something extra special… she can be tricky to buy for as she has pretty much everything and wants for nothing!

    Any ideas would be great!


    What we did for my in-laws and my parents who do not need much, we got them a picture with all the grand-children printed in a canvas.
    They loved it.

    Or if few people will group themselves tu buy a single bigger present, why not a WE away or a travel abroad?



    We did think of a joint present, but others got their own…
    Her birthday is on the 23rd, so won’t be able to get grandchild canvas, although its a great idea! And her latest granddaughter was born this morning!! 😀

    I’m going to order a personalised bookmark from The Jewellery Tree from my two kiddies…


    The canvas, once you send the picture by email (throu the website, order form) it only takes less than 4 days for delivery.

    But it’s a bit short to do the picture with all grandchildren. But could be a nice idea at the party to make a really nice pic of all the children maybe for a Xmas present or next birthday.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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