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    was wondering if anyone has any tips on conception…we have 2 children aged 13 and 10..we really want another.. my period stopped in january, and i am going for bloods for fertility screening next month..the doctor has mentioned polycystic ovaries, but until i have the scan they cant be sure..we have been trying for over a year now and stopped using cotraception almost 2 years ago now.. im starting to lose hope..when i see women with bumps, i cant help wishing it was me!! im not stressing over it because i know it wont do me any good..any ideas would be a huge help cos its starting to get me down.. :cry:


    Hi Jillybean, this is so tough. We were trying for ages also and were eventually blessed with a son after 2 and a half years of trying. We were a week off starting treatment when we found out I was pregnant. We both had tests done and because they couldn’t find anything wrong we were told it was unexplained infertility which isn’t very helpful because it doesn’t give you anything to work on. I was also told it could be PCOS and had an ovarian cystectomy. Some say this might have loosened up something in the ovaries but they don’t know. I believe we became pregnant because we stopped stressing about it knowing we were going to start the treatment. Its much easier said than done but try to remain relaxed and stress free because I know we didn’t even realise how stressed out about it we were until we started relaxing. Good luck with it all 🙂


    im really trying not to get stressed..sometimes i think it will be fine and then others i panic..i used to think i could never go through the pain of labour again, then i thought i didnt want more kids..this used to lead me to panic if a period was i cant believe i thought those things..i get so upset to think i might not have any more..ironic huh?! 🙄 but im just not worrying anymore..its a waste of time!! thanks a mill for sharing your gives me some hope!! 😀


    my friend had a thyroid problem had been trying for a while did blood tests and started on tablets for throid and hey presto pregnant 😆 😆


    have no personal experience but 2 stories. 1 friend diagnosed with pcos early in teenhood – never used contraception all her life, and wasn’t chaste let me tell u! Assumed would never have kids, but within 2 months of having acupuncture to assist with stopping smoking, pg. Hopi ear candle worked repeatedly for several clients of a beauty therapist i know. Not scientific, more anecdotal but anything’s worth knowing….

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi there jilly, know how you feel totally, ppl tell u not to stress but of course you will even if its subconsciouly you will stress, Myself and my hubby were trying for (my now 3yr old girl ) nearly a yr and i had gone through the whole "oh i do not want anyn=more kids, not ahope in hell, but then mother nature took over and we both really wanted another one, after a gap of 7 yrs!! and being on the pill i assumed" ah i’ll b pregnant the 1st month", we had told some friends we we were trying so kinda put extra pressure ourselves, but also had the support there when the months of disappiontment went by, So i wont say relax dont stress it will happen but i will say as silly as it sounds.. if you drink then go for it, you need to really let go, and with the help of a few glasses of wine (if you drink that is) you will!! It work for us, not getting drunk but actually just completely chilling out and not thinking about it so much!! Good Luck!! and enjoy! 😆 😛


    go for it, try and relax and try different remidies anything…. heard evening primrose oil is good…and the above suugestions with acupuncture and hopi ear….don’t give up hope and also don’t be looking around at others with bumps… will depress ya more….

    i’m due baby no.2 in june and i know easy for me to say don’t be envious, but i know after i had my ds i was very ill had bad tear and felt like crap i used to look at other mums who had had babies and they were doing great and looking great andi felt like crap….i know not the same but if you look around you and see what others have it can get ya down, concentrate on yourself, be positive and things will happen….best of luck hope all starts for you soon……


    Jillybean my heart is breaking reading your post, as Scole said evening primrose oil is very good to regulate the hormone levels, holland and barrett do great offers.
    You should pm Moonflower about some reflexology, she is brilliant and its proven to help will all kind of problems.
    I have Endometriosis and was told I’d would have trouble getting pregnant, but got pregnant fairly quickly everytime, I swear by the primrose oil and monitoring my fertility by keeping an eye on my vaginal discharge, its very easy to know the right days using this method.
    Start taking the EPO and see if things return to normal.
    I wouldnt like to be ttc again, the whole knicker watch and sex at certain times a right pain in the arse!
    Good luck but dont worry, my sil found out she was pregnant after 5 years ttc, they has stopped ttc as they were starting ivf, the doctor said they would do a pregnancy test before they started her treatment…… they couldnt believe she was pregnant


    After you have sex, get your legs in the air. Gravity will help the little swimmers go the right way. Worked for Madonna and Gloria Estefan (allegedly) 😆


    We where trying for two years aswell and when we stopped hey presto i got pregnant! Do ovulation tests to see your window of opportunity as i was only fertile for about 35 hours of each month and some months i didnt ovulate at all.
    Try staying positive as it attracts more positivity if you keep saying you wont then you wont. Also like taylor said watch your discharge (yuk!) when its clear and stringy (press it between ya thumb and finger) again yuk! thats when the sperm are most likely to reach your egg because it helps them swim along etc
    Best of luck hun xxxx


    Hi there,

    God, i really know how you feel. Was trying nearly four years for my ds. Long story, wont go into it here but i will tell you what did help:

    – Rollercoaster webiste: they have a section about Trying to conceive & it is really good & there is bound to be someone on there who is in the exact same position as you. Loads of information, advise & support.

    -Accupuncture, One of my problems was hormones & the accupuncture brought my levels right back to normal without any drugs. I hate needles but was willing to do anything. I have a number of a lady in Drogheda, pm me if you want it.

    -NISIG: It is an voluntary infertility support group, they hold free meetings every second month on a saturday morning in dublin. They were our life savers as we were devasted. Was a bit daunting going to the first meeting but found everyone was just normal people like myself. Even if you dont want to go to meetings, they produce a newsletter which is very good.

    When you are ttc it is all consuming, i know, but try to stay as positive as you can & be grateful for what you already have.

    If you ever want to ask me anything, send me a pm.

    Best of luck.


    I went online and got ovulation sticks (about 60 for 20 dollars) I would pee twice a day from day 12 to 16…. I then checked very very early on day 10 and I got a positive, I was convinced I was ovulation later ie 12 to 16….. might be worth a try.
    Oh I never told my dh I was fertile, he didnt want to know as he felt it put pressure on him etc… he just wanted to think I wanted sex rather then knowing he had to do it on this day or that! Mad I know but I’ve heard of a few men that said it took the fun out knowing "Oh we have to have sex Mon/Wed/Friday"


    ha ha lol taylor-men eh?!! 🙄



    Just seen your post on here…and so pleased you have received such lovely helpful replies as its such a tough thing when you dearly want another baby and it just does not happen.

    I have a little boy born thru IVf after years of trying and now am at stage where no more IVf is possible so trying alternative routes….through my work it is becoming increasingly more apparent that sometimes trying for a 2nd or 3rd baby is not as easy.

    there are many therapies and techniques out there to help us, acupuncture, homeopathy,reflexology to name just a few….

    I am a Reflexologist who specilises in infertility due to fact thats how i discovered Reflexology……i have had some sucess stories which is wonderful as everyone always thinks first of acupuncture…….but Reflexology although very gentle can also be very powerful….

    You can find other Reflexologists in our area on the website

    Wishing you very best of luck, I am sure you will find the help you need to conceive a much loved and wanted new baby and I hope i can give you some comfort that yes even though you see bumps & babies everywhere there are many of us who are in same boat longing for babies but its just not so obvious who we are.

    we went to zoo recently and i had a clear focused positive head thinking so what if we dont have another baby until we are in our forties and everywhere i looked there was older parents with babies – another day i coudl be having a real down day & think everyone is pregnant apart from me & all i see is pregnant ladies…so it just goes to show you only see what you want to see..ahhh

    Love Moonflower xxx


    I agree with moonflower, reflexology is great for helping fertility. In the college where I studied holisitc health every year that started training in the reflexology 1-3 people fell pregnant in that class. It was really amazing. There is a beautiful book called spirit babies, cant remember the authors name(Male). Think I have seen it online though. It’s a very interesting read. A course of 6 treatments, maybe more if recommended, can be highly beneficial and at worst it’s extremely relaxing which is great for helping the stress which in itself can be a hindrance.

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