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    Did you ever have a moment and you look in the mirror and think WOW im getting old, i put on a few pounds since the start of the year and im not happy about it and i just looked at the tone on my arms and legs and thought "When did i get an old womans legs and arms?" Last summer i got a huge knock back health wise and its taken me a good 12 months to build back up and regain energy levels, its been up and down at times but it looks like its all coming together, but the last year has taken its toll on me!!

    Im starting to watch what i eat and increase my water and fruit via smoothies. I used to have a six pack many many moons ago when i did down hill mountain biking, i was looking back at old photos and i cant believe i was so fit, i cant even remember or at the time didnt realise i had such a muscular and toned body, depressing really!

    I know im thinking ahead but im 40 next September and im starting now on my gift to myself (Dh is getting me new boobs :) :) :) ) im going to get fit again and reclaim the body i once had, well as much as i can with 20 odd years added on. I no longer want to let life pass me by, i want to be the best i can be regardless of how much work i need to put in, i cant settle for second best anymore or excuses that i dont have time to work out
    Any tips on whats the best to tone and build lean muscle? I love tocycle and i was doing 20km per day on the bike. What else would your recommend either diet or work out wise? I really want to work my stomach but want to do this while working out rather than crunches iykwim
    All Advice welcome……. right im off to bed, its my second late night in a row, back to 10 o Clock from tomorrow :D

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    For muscle toning Taylor, it’s weights (or weight machines). Doesn’t have to be huge bodybuilding weights, a couple of light dumbells will do. Ideally, if you have a small narrow padded bench, you can cover all muscle groups between using that and standing. Let me know if you want a list of specific exercises or a routine 😉


    Come to a few classes with us at Labfitness, I am bringing my mam & sister tonight – they’ve seen me go through bootcamp and want to get in on the action too. Its a great way to work out, tone up and its a laugh too.

    Heading to skinny jeans at 7 tonight if you fancy it?


    and by the way – I think you look great! You have a lovely figure so don’t be too hard on yourself!


    I go to a brilliant class on Mondays, Weds and Fri mornings at 10am in a small gym called Bodyfix. It is run by a personal trainer and only costs €5 and you only pay as you go. It is a circuit class, so you end up working all parts of the body. The circuit combines gym machines, kettle bells, step, resistance bands, boxing, gym ball and loads more. The instructor is really tough and I come out exhausted but exhilarated after each session. Would highly recommend it. His name is Eoghan and his no. is 087 228 4803 – website is [url][/url] or on Facecebook[url][/url]


    Cathmc that sounds great, just what i would be looking for… Sabbi i did a few sample classes over in Greenhills in the old labfitness building with Carol Cromwell from Elite fitness, i did 4 30 min work outs TRX (which i passed on) Total Body work out, Step, Zumba and Boxercise all for 8e, its on againg tomorrow evening, 5 different classes starting with TRX at 6.30pm.
    I had planned to go to Lab but i got a text from a friend who asked me to meet her there. To say im stiff is an understatement!! I cant even walk up the stairs, i just flew down to the shop and i couldnt get in or out of the car!!
    Sabbi thanks for you comment, but i think we all have our own body issues and as i always say its not how you look but how you feel about your own body. We are really spoilt for choice on where to work out in Drogheda, come on ladies no excuses and pay as you go is just super no membership or upfront payments

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