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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about problems getting around the town whilst pushing a buggy.

    How do you find the footpaths?

    Is it easy to navigate your way around?

    How could it be made easier for you – what improvements could be made?

    Are there enough traffic lights for when you want to cross the road?

    any comments would be most welcome, I’m writing about it for a local paper and want to hear from Drogheda parents.



    there was a few problems with rubbish on the ground in places but Louth county council have assured me it is not normal for drogheda to be dirty – they say its cleaned every day!! im not so sure, sometimes hard walking around with all the litter whilst trying to navigate a buggy through…


    1. lamp posts being put in strange places so you can’t get past them and have to go onto the road.
    2. cars parking on the footpath or ramps
    3. Dog crap everywhere, its not that hard to clean up after your dog!
    4. people blocking your path and refusing to move so you run over their toes
    5. not enough lifts, or they aren’t big enough
    6. shops that you can’t get into or if you do you can’t move around it
    7. have you ever seen the council clean west everyday!
    8. not enough safe places to cross the street, or if there are lights cars don’t stop at them when they turn green

    i’m sure there’s more but with all the mothers here it’ll all be mentioned


    also, the footpath on the north quay is not wide enough…..with it being the main pedestrian route from the town centre to scotch hall, they should have widened and upgraded it,when scotch hall was built!


    Defo cars parking on the footpath that makes me wild! How many times I have had to go out onto the road with the buggy is just ridiculous.

    And totaly agree with last poster on the North Quay footpath its a joke.


    Wonderwoman I’d myself that question so many times that I wrote to the town manager and never got a reply 🙄 I had a woman stopped taliking on the North quay on afternoon I said excuse me about 10 times and I tipped her on the shoulder incase she was deaf, she looked at me and turned back chatting so I just walked on and Like Joey I ran over toes, wll more clipped her ankle, she started to give out to me and a man behind me " said I would have fucking ran you over 10 minutes ago as she asked you tomove 10 times" 😳 Thats what prompted me to write to the council.

    I have a pet hate about people parking on footpaths 😈 😈 😈 😈

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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