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    Ray Darcy & crew are making another US book for charity. The last one was five years ago.

    So, the date is tomorrow the 2nd of October – so get the camers out and snap away.

    I loved the last book & still take it out to look at as you always notice another good photo everytime.

    See link for more info :


    This is a brilliant idea, will defo take some snaps tomorrow. This will make a great gift when its printed.


    What do you take the photo of? Anything? will take a few snaps


    Ahh, i cant find my camera!! Typical.

    Yeah taylor, take photos of anything.

    The funny ones are the best, unposed ones, especially of kids & animals.

    Dont think that they are really looking for amazing scenery ones, cause if they were, they would have just got professionals to take photos.

    Last time they got 20,000 photos but only 2000 went in book, so its a big deal to get your photo included.

    I loved the last one, still have it & look at it regularly, even though i didnt send any photos in & dont know a person in the book, it still makes me smile.



    if any of you took photos on saturday, dont forget to send them in.

    IMPORTANT: How To Send Your Photos

    •We can only accept photos submitted by email.
    •We can only accept one photo per email. You can send as many emails as you like but please only attach one photo per email.
    •You must write the Caption/Title of your Photo, followed by the Photographer’s Name as the subject line of your email. This is what will appear beneath your photo if it is published.If this information is not written in the subject line, we cannot accept your photo for publication.
    •Take a photo any time from midnight on Friday 1st October 2010 to midnight on Saturday 2nd October 2010.
    •Send your photo via email only to
    •We will accept photos via email up until 11:59pm on Wednesday 6th October. Any photos submitted after this time cannot be considered.


    I tried to send a photo from my camera phone but it did not go through, it would not let me email it over. Pity, its a cute one!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished book, will make a good present for someone and think its for charity?


    Just seen this , gonna send a few now!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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