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    has anyone heard this news? getting loads of texts over the past half hour but nothing on the news..
    its on twitter and … 55930.html

    Cant really believe it as nothing on rte or Radio one or 2fm


    i would guess it might be his heart, for all us op trans people who met him in the flesh and seen how big he was in real life was a bit of a surprise.
    He was larger then life in more ways then one, he came into our homes for many many years, he shared his intimate details of his life to us, he laughed and cried with us listeners…. every housewives friend and ear!
    He will be sadly missed and very sad to see someone so young died so suddenly, God love his young children who he adored and loved so much
    Think there will be a HUGE outpouring of pubic emotion, never in Ireland have we had such a high profile figure die…… i would guess it would be like the jade goody or even Lady Diannas outpouring of emotion
    Rest in Peace Gerry…. you were one of the good guys xxxx


    i think he is probably not confirming it to all his family are told, apparently his daughter is in New York.

    Also Rick O Shea couldnt hardly speak on his afternoon show, and Larry Gogan is just playing music non stop now on his show.

    OMG how very very sad, cant believe it, RIP Gerry, the radio wont be the same without him. 🙁


    Just heard the news! Am shocked. I really feel for his 5 kids who still are young…


    Just confirmed on 2fm news there now


    OMG shocked hearing the news, can’t believe it…..

    rest in peace Gerry Ryan and thoughts going to your family….x


    rte website not opening but said on 2fm that there would be a full update at 4pm…


    This is so sad, such a big personality and a good man, to die at only 53 years old. He will be truly missed.

    Rest in peace Gerry. 😥


    Yes this is terrible news.

    2FM just playing music, no chat.

    Like what Larry said "Sleep in peace, my dear friend"

    RIP Gerry.


    RIP Gerry…so sad. God love his familiy.

    You just never know whats around the corner….


    rip gerry ,mornings will never be the same again ……………


    What a great spirit gave so much love to so many god bless his family *


    Will definately be missed…….was great company in the mornings for me when I’m at home minding children. Loved my cuppa and a listen in when I took a little break in the mornings……strange how someone we don’t know can feel so familiar to us. I remember when I spoke on the Gerry Ryan show about loosing my daughter and the effect loosing a child has on a family…….I prerecorded the interview and have to say he was very professional and even though was a difficult subject he handled it so well….


    RIP Gerry…… 🙁
    Really really sad news. My heart goes out to his family.


    Those of you who met him during Operation Transformation must be very shocked about this, I’ve only ever seen/heard him on TV/Radio and I feel like a friend has gone…. so strange how well you can feel you know someone when really you don’t!

    God Bless his Family and his poor daughter having to fly home now from New York after been told of her Fathers death, a long sad journey and his poor girlfriend/partner Melayne she must be devastated also.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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