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    What do you all reckon to this news?

    Had a 70000+ majority in Belfast West I heard (can that be right, it was big anyway), think he’ll repeat his success down here?

    Personally, I cannot WAIT to have him canvass for our votes – it’ll be an interesting test of his commitment to the political process to see how prepared he is to advocate for me and mine, I’m intrigued to see how he measures up…


    He is a nice man, nothing against him…. but not on your nelly would he or his party get a vote from my house! Im sorry i just couldnt vote from them


    Drogheda Leader posted a similar query on fb, lot of people saying on there that he only has one agenda, his own furtherance.

    Suspect they might be right…


    Ok you’ve brought up a subject I have been ranting about here since Sunday…. be warned!

    I have no loyalty to this party as I have always believed that their own agenda comes before the daily concerns of the people. I have had reason to be in contact with our local representatives over the past two years and this how I found the lie of the land.

    Fergus O’Dowd, very hard to get him to get into a car and come to North Louth unless you have a photographer. When we did eventually get him here, he got his photo taken smiling, listened smiled again and then said he had to go… no advice, no guidance!

    Dermot Ahern, Minister for Justice who is so busy with his Ministry he barely see’s his family anymore. He does hold his constituency office weekly when he’s available, but its hard to get an appointment and from talking to other people who have had the same experience you feel your being timed when your talking, he will write letters and advise you but in reality I don’t believe he has time for the daily problems of North Louth anymore except in a Justice Capacity.

    Seamus Kirk, is another TD who was coralled into Ceann Comhairle, he has no vote in the Dail, if you go to him with a problem, he will do his best to guide you to the right people and give advice, but has no power himself
    to raise topics.

    Hence we’re already down 2 TD’s….and another not interested.

    Having no loyalties towards his particular party, I still have to admit that as a TD Arthur Morgan knew his area, the people, the problems and worked very hard especially on the Louth Hospital Agenda. When he was approached by our group, like Seamus Kirk & Dermot Ahern he was responsive and gave advice etc.

    Gerry Adams has a house in Ravensdale, I always wondered why he had it, I wonder would he know how to find Ardee if he left that house in his car without a driver, what about Tallanstown, Louth Village, Tenure, Tullyallen…. has he even heard of them? Does he know what state the local authority housing is in any of these villages (I’m not saying there is a problem just using an example). Has he a clue how many people are unemployed in each area. With the Media Circus that surrounds him not to mention his Minders etc., who would even approach him with a query or problem?

    If he intended to seek election in North Louth why did he allow his "Suspected" Paedophile Brother work in the SF Consituency Office and live in Dundalk knowing that there was a warrant for his arrest in the North?

    I always thought we were seen to be an intelligent electorate, intelligent
    enough to vote for the people who we think at the time of election will work best for us and our area in the Dail….. to me its just incredible that a glory seeker thinks he’s going to walk in here and have us fawn at his feet.

    If he truly wanted to be in politics and look after the people he represents, he would NEVER have walked out on the 70,000 who elected him to represent them the people of West Belfast!!!

    I did warn you that it was annoying me before I started to rant! I’ll be saving my own nomination speech till nearer the time 😈


    Was fairly certain the guy following his own agenda primarily (like most politicians?) before I read above and now feel even more certian of the fact.

    V cute to have a house in Ravensdale, planning this a long time???


    Sparkleycake your post is great reading… this country is in bits and people are desperate, maybe SF hope that people who voted for FF or FG will now give them a vote… they are out there saying dont cut welfare, childrens allowance, pensions etc… But the fact of the matter is THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY THE SOCIAL WELFARE BILL and cuts will happen…

    I so glad to read your post and know that others wont be jumping on the bandwagon and giving SF a vote, just because the other fools cant do the job they were elected for


    He owns the house in Ravensdale about 10 years I’d say. I remember a few people out there being very concerned about having him as a neighbour.

    As far as I’m aware he also has one in Donegal, but I can’t remember how I know that.

    The only man I’m interested in with a white beard coming to Dundalk I believe will be in The Marshes this weekend…. HO HO HO


    Im going to really enjoy this xmas (please God) as i dont know what we will be like christmas 12 months…. im living in the now!


    Well said taylor ‘living in the now’ – I think we all need to do a bit of that until this economy gets a bit better.

    Looking forward to Christmas, plan to spend as little as possible this year but to make it one to remember.

    On the SF note….not sure I could vote for him. I respect the chance he is taking but don’t think he knows enough about this area to represent us as well as someone local. Not that they’re much good either….

    I’ll be glad to see Santa tomorrow night at the Marshes and see smiles on my kiddies faces, thats my priority for this weekend, to keep them happy!


    I think that’s the bottom line and you have it right, girls. He is parachuting himself/has been parachuted in to a seat where he is not local, knows little or nothing about those and the issues concerning those he seeks to represent and thus we can only conclude he is following his own agenda.

    Do think tho, he is prob looking at his best chance of being elected ever at the mo, as has been said, will certianly gather a lot of votes on the basis of those seeking change from the status quo.

    Bit scary IMHO…..


    arthur morgan was great – his only down side was that he was with sinn fein… he was/is always on lmfm fighting hard for dundalk hospital…. people wont have thw same respect for gerry adams, i think… also some one said the government pension is much better here than in the north/uk so that is gerry adams main goal – for himself – he doesnt care about the people of louth


    Re pension – what a disgrace if that’s the case and is his game!!!! Disgusting…


    Not going to start a rant…. but…. I wouldn’t vote sinn fein if I had to go for election myself- they are constantly "helping" the vunerable…ha what a joke- the are working on how best they help themselves. getting people this and that and yet doing nothing- Gerry Adams- what a joke- he thinks he’s going to be able to have a voice in the Dail- well I hope the people of Louth see sense and don’t vote him in and then he might get the idea that we as Irish people DO NOT want all the terrorist crap to start again- they are just a bunch of criminals….. 👿 👿
    Sorry- I did mean not to rant… but I can’t help it about them


    Does seem to be a case where the biggest benefit would be to GA himself. from what I’ve gathered here/obswerved over the years elsewhere, politicians are always at their most accountable when local folk. This seems to be the complete opposite of that idea 🙁 🙁 🙁

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