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    good that you got a diagnois and that the treatment is working for him.



    Just want to know that the German Measles Symptoms are.

    My 6 yearold had a rash all over him last week – it was red with dots the size of pin-heads. Very high colour in his cheeks. I gave him Neurofen and they seemed to fade slightly – but then his hands started to looked "aged" – as if they had been in water for a very long time and you could see loads of spots under the skin. His hands also look to be slightly swolen but better still on his thumb he has like a blister that has burst and is getting bigger with the centre starting to crack now too 😕

    When I went to take his temperature today I noticed that his tongue is covered in tiny white spots again pinhead size but his temp was normal.

    Can anyone please tell me what he has and could it be German Measles. I know for a fact that the brother of a girl in his class has them at the moment.

    Thanks a million


    No not German Measles… Measles arent very common now days.

    It sounds more like Hand, Foot and mouth. I was thinking Slapped Cheek, but when you said the Blisters on the hand its more like HF&M, but hard to tell without seeing it.

    Pop into your local Chemist and let them have a look, they will tell you if a trip to the GP is needed and what it looks like. If HF&M or slapped cheek if i remember they both need Antibotics to clear up.

    I hope he gets better soon


    Slapped cheek looks literally like the child has been slapped on the face – and once the rash appears it’s no longer contagious. DD had it last yr. We did take her to Dr and he just said calpol and back to school if she’s up for it that the contagious time is before the rash appears.
    Slapped cheek can be an issue for women in early pregnancy as far as i remember.

    i don’t know much bout Hand Fouth & mouth but Taylor’s right take him to Chemist and see what they say. A good chemist should be able to advise you if a trip to Dr is required.


    HF&M is a rash with blisters on the hands and inside the mouth… its pretty nasty.


    Hi guys

    Well went to the doctor and he has nothing serious. just a virus of some description.

    so all he recommended was silcocks base to be used as a soap and to keep him moisturised and out of the swimming pool because the chlorine would drive it demented.

    thanks for your feedback 😀


    Viral….. oh i bloody hate that! I know you’re glad your child isnt sick, but when told its viral, its like the GP robbing your money!


    Well 1 week on from the first sign of cracking skin on his thumb and now every digit is the same. It is so annoying for him to have his fingertips feel like sandpaper and its equally annoying for me because he wont let me peel it off!!! no only jokin – its equally annoying for me because we dont know what the hell it is.

    I am now trying Elave Intensive Baby Moisturiser on his hands about 4 times a day but it only gives relief for about an hour then they start to crack again and peel. The skin is coming off like scales and there is no sign of an end to it. Everytime a piece peels off the new skin underneath starts to do the same.

    I am taking him back to the doctor today to see if he will give him something to take orally that may work from the inside out. He cant even go to school because of the discomfort.

    I will keep you all posted as to what it may be.

    Fingers crossed (excuse the pun!!) we get it cleared up soon



    It really sounds like HF&M!

    A few things you can do, go to the chemist and get a tub of Parafin Gel, its about 9,90 but the stuff is brilliant.
    At bedtime lash the stuff on to his hands and put a pair of socks on his hands.
    When he is watching tv, you can put the gel onto hands, put the socks on his hands if he will let you, if not just do this at bedtime.

    I hope you get some kind of answers from the GP


    poor fella doesn’t sounds nice at all – hope you get some answers or the Parafin works


    Diagnosis – Dermatitis.

    So he is on very strong steroid cream which seems to be doing the trick. Thanks God – his poor hands are in an awful state.

    But on the positive side they are healing well and should be completely clear within the month.




    Did you try baby Aqueous cream – the Ovelle one is brilliant for very irritated skin

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