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    Hi All.

    I’ve been living in my houseing estate in Drogheda for the past year after moving from the country. For the past year i’ve gotten acquanted with only two of the neighbours and since the school holidays began i’ve gotten talking two of the girls playing in the street as i was taking my son for a walk, once.

    It was my sons first birthday on saturday and was surpised to find that these two girls arrived for the party! after seeing the balloons on the door but brought along some of their friends. They arrived two hours before (via the back gate) the party and even though i told them that the party wasn’t until 4.30 they insisted on staying in the garden until then. Over all they stayed until nine that night!!! until i finally ran the lot of them. At one stage there was ten uninvited children reaking havock. Demanding food, pinching the younger children, fighting among themselves and being cheeky!

    All this aside what really has annoyed me is the lack of concern from their parents. None of their parents know either myself or my husband, and none of them got in touch with us the whole day(or since) to see if their children were behaving (even after one girl running home crying after one fight!!), if myself and hubby are decent, law abiding people or if we were ok with the invasion!!! I’m truly gob-smacked by the whole thing. Do you think i’m making a mountain out of a mole hill or is this just the way things are in the town????

    I should point out that it is a new small well-to-do estate and without naming the estate, would not be one of the ones you would espect this type of behaviour.

    Tell me what you think?


    It doesn’t matter where or what estate it happens the whole time, next time get a lock for the side gate.

    I have both sides of my house locked and can only be accessed by front door.

    Kids have a cheek, they are learning form other kids…


    Get a lock for the gate these kids need to respect your family’s boundaries. I was shocked by your post. I would not stand for this kind of behaviour, their parents must have no manners at all.


    Waawoo Im very sorry dont get me wrong but its your own fault, you should have just said girls your not invited now out you go. I had a little party for my ds last year and two little girls off the road came asking for ds, I said you dont play with him so what do you want, they were trying the side gate then "just wanted to come in and see ds"….I was like eh No way (now feck off)
    My sister has the same problem in Naas and she is just so soft and wont say no, she has kids running riot about her garden and house! My mam was down and she threw all the kids out and made my sister go to woodies and get a lock for the garden gate. Its a case of give them an inch take a mile.
    Do these kids parents not read or watch the news, there are tonnes of weirdos about these days but they let their kids stay for hours in a strangers garden
    You live and learn and next year have a good padlock 😆 😆 😆 😆 Just to answer your question are you being ott over this No Way your dead right


    That is mad.

    I am having a party next month for my ds 1st birthday & i hadn’t even considered gate crashers!!

    Really, i should have though, considering when i was growing up, it always happened on my road. We had a big side garden so in the end my mam didn’t even send out invites, all the kids from the estate would just show up for the party – word of mouth.

    Luckily we already have a pad lock on our side gate, so there will be no strays getting in.

    Saying that i wouldn’t mind getting to know some of the kids on my road. There are very few but we know none of them, only know people with grown up kids.

    Anyway, thanks for this mail, i will now be prepared.


    OMG, cant believe the parents of these children didnt even wonder where they were.

    I for one would be extremely embarrassed if my kids did this. We live in a terraced house so dont have this problem, although one year 2 kids did call to the door to see if the boys were coming out, i had never seen them before and pretty sure my boys hadnt either so i just told them that they were not going out till later.

    Definitely get a lock for side gate.


    thanks girls. I’ve definetly learnt my lesson and will be getting that padlock. I feel like posting the parents a childminding bill, see how that goes down !!! he he he 😆 😆 😆


    I bet you’d love to send bills, Im sure they’d be quick in calling over 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Same here I have a trampoline out the back garden and I looked out the window and there was kids piling over each other to get on! My dd was left standing there!
    I told them all they had to go home and that was it. The side gate is permanantly locked and they low and behold they havnt knocked to play with her since she has her little group of pals and they stick together.

    Still though I’ve stopped letting them all in. I found myself always buying the icecreams, and running around.. Not anymore. You get wiser when you see your child getting the door shut in her little face when she goes to play in another childs garden. 😡


    Happy the very same thing has happened my sister, she did live in the country but moved 3 years ago for the kids to have friend and to be able to cycle a bike or trick or treat etc…
    She has a child who get out of his mammys’ car at 5pm, he doesnteven go into his own house and straight to my sisters. We gave out to her and said some people get hundred of euro a week for afterschool and she is doing it for free… she has copped on and last week she told the little guy that they were having their dinner and he couldnt come in (she has 2 students at the moment) She said about an hour later the dad called to the door and asked if they were finished their dinner yet? 😯 😯 😯 She just said I think I’ll open a creche but still let the little guy in 🙄
    Where do some people get off pawning their kids off on others


    Oh my god I would never knock on someones door!!!!

    I tend to keep A in the back garden around 6/7pm because thats when all the daddies are home for dinner etc.

    My daughter just opens their doors! and then calls for her friend!!! Its soooo embarrassing! My neighbour said shes grand shes only 4 but I am trying to get her to ring the doorbell! 😳

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